The Party of the plants of spring will take place at the castle of Saint-Jean-de-Beauregard from 12 to 14 April.
An anniversary edition (35 years), sponsored by Patrick Blanc, biologist, botanist and researcher at CNRS-known throughout the world for its impressive green walls. In 2006, during the inauguration of the musée du Quai Branly, in Paris, the French public has discovered this principle which, thanks to a clever system, hydroponic or organic, allows of wallpaper in the green of the walls in concrete. Since then, the idea
has sprouted to offer to the urban evil of the nature of the solutions where to put a corner of greenery.

If the terrariums of Green Factory, Jade or Design of the capsule collection of the Workshop Klaas Van Tilburg & Truffaut have a purely decorative, other innovations are experiencing a growing success: the vegetable gardens of balcony or inside that respond modestly but surely the desire for more 3-French 4-produce a part of their diet (BVA survey). Several brands offer this type of container, such as Kitchen Gardening by Vilmorin with design template (Vilma, Vittoria and Viviana),
or PlantOburo which is launching a crowdfunding to produce the BPIC, a tray connected with an automatic management of the light (light up and down with different colours), watering (humidity sensor) and an audio broadcast.

a Pioneer on the market, Ready to Push, that team already has 70,000 homes with its Lilo, just came out with a new kid on the Modulo expandable and wall. Forty copies of these gardens make up the current in the Spring of Taste, boulevard Haussmann (photo), a wall of salads – lettuce, mizuna, batavia, frisee – and aromatic herbs. For seed, the tendency is to the exotic with chinese cabbage, thai basil, Cayenne pepper, shiso purple flavour, delicately peppery, lemongrass from Madagascar… A hunger for also at hand.


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