special envoy to Muscat

The light board with the hashtag #ExperienceOman flickers on the corniche in the laces of Matrah, with its old residences to the mashrabiya screens and wooden balconies that have belonged to rich ship-owners of the time of the great arab navigators. The agglomeration of historic Muscat, the capital of the sultanate of Oman in the extreme south-east of the arabian peninsula, attracts the light of the enlightened dreamers, from the East to the perfumes from arabia felix (Happy Arabia.

In its picturesque port moisten two magnificent ships of the sultan Qabus Ibn Said and the portholes lit like monuments. It looks like a village straight out of one of these paintings to the exotic fantasy in the Nineteenth century. First, the eye rests on the houses white, then press the blue-domed mosque and the minaret and blue. In the lively night, the beating heart of the city is the ancient souk that sucks passers-by. A tower of Babel where Arabs, Baloch, Indians, …

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