woody notes of sandalwood and white musk for him, clementine, and licorice for the ladies. With the fragrance Nation, which, according to its web page, “goes very well with a novel Troyat, or a poem by Péguy,” the patriotism now has a smell. “Designed and manufactured in France, a Nation is a perfume in the service of our country. It calls for national solidarity, one that has forged our history and the hearts of our heroes”, boasts the website of this fragrance with a logo habs and launched six months ago.

The entire profit is donated to “our soldiers, our farmers, our artisans”, promises the brand. A positioning patriot “and responsible,” admits Paul, the young entrepreneur, a graduate of HEC, to the origin of this initiative. According to him, the Nation would be yet another product to classify the radius of those who “give meaning to the act of purchase”, in the same way that the clothing brand Gentle Factory, beauty products, Origins, or food who’s the boss ?. Nation would be nothing to a political message. Sign of discomfort, the same man, who runs a company specialising in digital training ( it is she who makes live”), requested that his name not be included in the article. A simple online search yet to find it easily.

Of the advertisements in The Incorrect

of Course, the three associations to which the net income is donated – Solidarity farmers, Solidarity, defence and Bulwark, are not related to the galaxy of the nationalist right. But the relay of communication of Nation, them, the are clearly. The scent is as well paid for two advertisements on the back cover of The Improper, a monthly magazine which advocates the union of straight lines, created by relatives of Marion Maréchal. “They are the ones who have contacted us. We have simply checked that it was not a false box”, says it is The Incorrect.

An advertisement for the perfume Nation, published in the magazine The Wrong.


More explicit still, the Nation has established a sponsorship with the youtubeuse Virginia Vota, a monarchist close to the catholic fundamentalist Civitas. The young woman is also known for his role as a columnist in the emissions of Raptor Dissident, one of the figures most influential of the “fachosphère”. On YouTube, each video of Virgine Voted – against abortion or dealing with “the ravages of feminism” – begins with a display ad promoting a Nation. In an editorial devoted to the ecology, Virginia Voted believes that it is a fragrance “that work for our cause”. “Our communication is, rather, anchored to the right”, admits Paul, with a certain art of understatement.

Sold to the New Library

Purchasable on – line- count 50 euros the 100 ml – vials Nation now have exclusive point of sale in Paris. It is neither of Marionnaud or Sephora, but of the New Library. Located in front of the Luxembourg gardens, the bookstore, managed by François Bousquet, the editor-in-chief of the leading magazine of the new right Elements, intends to bring the “guerrilla cultural” in the heart of Paris student. “We sell this scent for a week,” explains François Bousquet, who said he was also contacted by the creators of the Nation. “This corresponds to the line of the library : that of a right open-minded, a right-Zemmour,” enthused the manager. To this day, he has not sold a single copy of the product.

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the Nation to tear off. The turnover of the mark is that of 7 000 euros, according to its creator. This did not prevent her from thinking about a future diversification. Of jewellery or watches Nation might be marketed. Not only perfumes, but always the same hints.


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