The clock is ticking: On 29. March 2019 wants to leave the UK out of the EU but the negotiations on How to run tough. It is agreed nothing, it is also unclear whether there will be a transition period and how long this will take. The uncertainty grows, also among the tourists.

airlines and authorities are preparing for all scenarios – even on a hard Brexit, so a fair EU exit. The most important questions for travelers at a Glance.

holiday in the UK Is through the Brexit more expensive?

on The contrary – it’s probably even cheaper. Already at the time of notification of the Brexit-decision, the pound plunged to the lowest level since 1985, and since then has recovered of course. So you get more pounds for less euros. Experts believe that the Trend may continue, also because of the Brexit burden on the British economy.

entry Will be more complicated?

border controls, there has been, since the UK is not a member of the Schengen agreement. Tourists must present at the port of entry at least your ID card. Whether this is sufficient in the future, is not yet clear. Quite possible that the British desire for the Brexit from EU citizens at the port of entry a passport. Who wants to date has no, and Britain visit, would have to apply for a. The fee is for Federal citizens under the age of 24 37,50 Euro, who is 24 years of age or older, will pay 60 Euro.

in Need of EU-citizens a visa?

For a normal holiday trip, pretty sure not. The UK will not want to to tourists from Europe and, therefore, no cumbersome visa requirement to introduce. More likely, a provision such as in Switzerland, which is also not a member of the EU, Where EU citizens for up to 90 days visa-free stay.

Threatens Chaos at the airports?

experts say it’s not excluded. With Britain out of the EU the privileges of British airlines in the EU air traffic lose their validity. In the case of a Brexit, without the agreement of the British Airlines are not likely to land in the EU, or flights between EU member States.

The International Air Transport Association recently warned against a “nightmare on European and British airports”, when “millions of passengers are stuck possibly”. The low-cost airline Ryanair, which is majority-owned by British shareholders, according to the trade magazine “Airliners” that the airline could rest after a chaotic Brexit up to three weeks.

the British government – this is the end of September the published document – keeps disruptions to air traffic is likely, should it come to a hard Brexit. British Airlines would lose the automatic right to be allowed in the EU land, they say. The Same would apply Vice versa for companies from the EU with the destination airport in the United Kingdom. This would have to obtain for flights between the UK and the EU before the appropriate permission.

Optimistic people in the British low-cost airline Easyjet: “consumers, airlines, and politicians from the UK and Europe want that flights between the UK and Europe will continue”, says a spokesperson, “we remain confident that our flights will be carried out in case of No-Deal-Brexits.” Pre-it has at least to be able to EU airports continued to operate, founded the Airline last year, the Austrian airline Easyjet Europe and want to leave this year, 180 of the planes to get there first register. This may then also connect to routes within the EU.

it is Unclear according to the British consumer magazine “Which” also, whether the EU and UK will mutually recognise their airport Security systems. It comes to that, should passengers Require would again extend through the security check, what is the transfer time significantly.

you Must observe stricter customs regulations?

This is conceivable. “The customs administration is preparing for the consequences of Britain’s withdrawal from the EU,” says a spokesman for the General Directorate of customs. It comes to a No-Deal-Brexit, the United Kingdom would be without the privileged partnership or free trade agreement with the EU. “This would mean that Goods from the United Kingdom to handle goods under customs law, as any other third country”, which is comparable with Souvenirs from the United States.

Still, one may take, for example, of a Scotland-holiday ten litres of Whisky without any customs formalities or duties as a Souvenir home. Because that’s how high the Limits are for the spirits within the EU (in the case of other luxuries you, for example, at 20 litres for Sherry). Other Goods, such as art or antique furniture, are subject to within the EU, as a rule, no restrictions.

the UK to the third country would be a much smaller travel amounts. You should not have more than a litre of Whisky duty free in your suitcase. But above all, you do not need to look for in other Goods, whose value exceeds EUR 300, in the case of ship – and air travel is 430 Euro.

you could go shopping then back to the London Trip is tax-free in the Duty-free Shop – but here, too, the journey must not be exceeded amounts to. without charges by the inch This calculates for the case of No-Deal-Brexits with a nationwide Staff of about 900 workers. The UK remains in the customs Union, there will be no Duty-free Shopping, but the consumer-friendly limits.

What is the Right for the traveller?

the passengers ‘ rights might be affected by Brexit. So the EU guidelines on airline passenger in case of delay or cancellation of guarantee of compensation if you are travelling within the EU, from the EU or enter the EU. What is this Right, is still unclear.

it is Possible that the UK complies with such regulations. Such as Iceland and Norway offer as a Non-EU-members are the same passengers ‘ rights, because they belong to the European economic area (EEA). It is also conceivable a separate British agreement with the EU.

holidaymakers expect with expensive Roaming charges?

In Britain holidays does not cost to get home quickly, make phone calls, or pictures to Facebook post currently the the often extremely high Roaming charges have been abolished in more than within Germany, as of 2017 within the EU.

Whether this will be in the UK after Brexit continue to be so cheap, is not safe. Ideally, many providers will allow their customers, in order to remain attractive in the future. Thus, Rates of a number of mobile providers are not currently included in the Europe also States that belong to the EU, such as Switzerland. It is worthwhile in any case, the provider ask.

What protection is health insurance?

The European health insurance card (EHIC), which keeps up to the UK leaving the EU, their validity is confirmed by the European consumer centre Germany. With this card, you are legally Insured can go to during your vacation in the United Kingdom to the doctor. The must, however, belong to the National Health Service then the health insurance companies will cover the cost of medically necessary care.

Stay with the British after the Brexit in the European economic area, is expected to accept the European health insurance card. If not, there is no insurance protection for Britain vacationers. For this case, the completion of a private international health insurance is recommended. For private health, nothing will change insured by the Brexit.

What happens at the border between Northern Ireland and Ireland?

Currently need German visitors, only a valid identity card or passport if you are traveling to the Republic of Ireland or to Northern Ireland. On the island of no border controls between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. All of the border facilities along the 360-Kilometer-long line were abolished as a result of the Good Friday Agreement of 1998, says a spokeswoman for Tourism Ireland – the agreement ended a decades-long terrorist struggle and civil war between Catholics and Protestants. Tourism Ireland is a cross-border tourism promotion on the entire island of Ireland responsible for Ireland and Northern Ireland.

According to the Embassy of Ireland in Berlin would change in the event of a possible transition phase for travelers nothing: “It will not have border controls.” The Irish hope that then, the relations between the two States will be so tight that will also change following this transition phase, nothing. “For the Republic of Ireland border controls are not an Option” – so also in case of a Brexit, without a Deal.

to succeed As the agreement between the EU and the United Kingdom, however, is unclear and continues to be one of the biggest points of contention. Because with a hard Brexit today, the invisible separation would border line between Ireland and Northern Ireland to the European Union. Hard to imagine how the without border controls could be monitored.


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