Nike saw something big. Yesterday, in a Palais Brongniart in Paris, and acquired her new horse of battle, sport and women, the oem has unveiled the first football shirt designed exclusively for them. Global 2019 requires (to be held from June 7 to July 7 in France), he dressed for 14 of the 24 selections qualified, including the host country, Brazil and the United States, reigning champions of the world. “We are the first brand of football on the globe, welcomes Rosemary St. Clear Vice-President of Nike Women s. This summer will be, for the players and for us, the opportunity to live a crucial turning point. We are witnessing a key moment around the woman and the sport in general.”

Until then, the champions of the round ball were to concatenate goals and trims of legs in men’s outfits simply adjusted. “I don’t know if you’re aware but women and men do not have the same body! pleasant the leader. He had to fix this injustice, we have spent a lot of time with these athletes in our laboratories of research and innovation in order to understand their needs. Little by little, throughout the manufacturing process until the final version, they have shared with us their feedback, their comments on the cut, the feel, the comfort during the effort.”

the jersey of The team of France football women’s 100% eco-friendly Nike

This jersey is well designed from the technical Flyknit (the famous mesh innovative equipment manufacturer); the adjustment is made, its shape and its neck, addressed the concerns of players. But also of the time, since it is produced from a dozen of bottles recycled, as is the case more and more products of the brand with the comma. Since 2010, the company has already recovered $ 6 billion bottles from landfills, thus becoming the first user of the polyester-eco-friendly. Add to this his engagement with UEFA, the football federation and the european union) to promote among the young generation football female: “We want to encourage parents to take their daughters to see these sporting heroines. In the United States today, as many girls playing as boys. We believe that we can achieve the same ratio in the rest of the world.”

A message that the quarantine of champions participating in the event is delighted to share. Such a Amandine Henry, captain of the France team and attacking Olympique lyonnais: “This is not just a jersey. Because I’m a woman before being an athlete, I feel I am getting value now. That Nike invests so much energy and money to the representation of women in football shows that things have changed in the perception of our sport.”


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