The German real estate industry expects that the housing problem of the people in the big cities exacerbated in the coming years.

“We will not be able to build in a timely manner so many apartments that you can all live in the city,” said the President of the Federal Association of German housing and real estate enterprises (GdW), Axel Gedaschko, in Berlin on Tuesday. It must be able, therefore, to make Living on the Land more attractive, and there is the infrastructure to expand.

The presented study, “housing trends to 2035” shows that tenants are still interested above all, of spacious apartments In a telephone survey of approximately 3000 people aged 18 years and 72 per cent expressed the desire for a medium-large to very large apartment. Only 6 percent want to live from the outset in a small apartment.

Nearly half but is willing to compromise. When asked what restrictions would you are more likely to take in purchase in order to save rental costs, reported to be 44 per cent with “a smaller living space”. 37% would consider moving to a cheaper area, but only 19 percent accept a poorer equipment. The study was created by the research institutes, analysis & concepts (Hamburg) and Inwis (Bochum).



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