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After twenty-four long hours of flight and a stopover, The Pebble does almost the effect of a philosopher’s stone. A 130 km north of the tropic of Capricorn, Grande-Terre, and smaller islands lulled by the Coral sea are the perfect illustration of the cultural and natural diversity of New Caledonia. The road trip begins in Noumea, with a visit to the Tjibaou cultural center. The next essential step to initiate the cultural heritage and the artistic creation of the kanak people. We find a little later the track of Jean-Marie Tjibaou, in the north-east of the island in his native village of Hienghène. On the road, the great classical sites follow: the wild west of the caledonian, the Heart of Voh, the mont Panié… But the salt of this trip, they are also the meetings, including the tribe of Napoémien in the company of Jehudit, the guide kanak. Fans of experiments can cook the bougna, a traditional dish cooked stewed or learn how to use the medicinal plants of the Melanesians. Before flying off to join Lifou, one of the Loyalties, and the beautiful island of Pines, so named by James Cook, in reference to its towering pine trees columnar.

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Vanuatu: On the trail of magic On the island of Tanna, traditional dance in the village of Emayol. Christophe Migeon/Le Figaro Magazine

Called the New Hebrides after James Cook, the archipelago situated approximately 1800 km east of Australia took the name Vanuatu “Our Land forever”, to its independence in 1980. It is a chain of 13 main islands and 70 islets side drawing a dotted line on the Coral sea. Tanna, the volcanic island, Malekula, which is known to be one of the last enclaves cannibals of Melanesia, through Espirito Santo, dive spot wonderful, the trip emphasizes the diversity. We pass the turquoise lagoons to the plains of ash anthracite blown out by the Yasur volcano, sea turtles, Tranquility Island to the wild horses of White Grass… If the adventure is “soft” (sic) begins in Port-Vila, capital of Vanuatu established on the island of Efate, the introduction to the local cultures, it all makes sense to Norsup, within the tribe of Nemigortiens. In the program: music and dance ceremonial, cooking in bamboo, workshops, preparation of kava, the famous drink recipe -, crafts, canoe ride… not to mention the swims and hikes over the islands, in landscapes as varied as magic.

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New Zealand: epic Maori In New Zealand, landscape of the North Island. Eric Martin/Le Figaro Magazine

These southern lands, populated since the Eleventh century by the Maori came by canoe from Polynesia, has been discovered that in the Seventeenth century by Europeans – the Dutch, led by the navigator Abel Tasman, who named it “Nieuw Zeeland”. In 1769, the British James Cook lands at Gisborne and colonizes the islands in the name of the king of England. 250 years later, “The Country of the long white cloud”, a guided tour by an art historian and archaeologist paints a pretty picture of New Zealand. Its exceptional nature, its cultural wealth and its young history. The trip runs vertically through the territory of the north island to the south. The breathtaking landscapes follow one another without end: the lakes Tikitapu, Rotokakahi, Ianthe, Taupo or Matheson, the valleys of Wai-O-Tapu and Waitomo, Marlborough Sounds, Fox glacier, national Parks, Paparoa and Fiordland… The introduction to the maori culture is in the museums (War Memorial Museum, Waikato, Institute of the arts, maori…), in an old fortress (One Tree Hill), in the heart of villages (Ohinemutu, Whakarewarewa…), during typical dinners with a people whose name means… “welcome”!

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