A dozen years already, Olivier Giraud, a Parisian by adoption – he was born in Bordeaux, fills the Theatre of the New (Ninth), his second home. Created on may 10, 2009 How to Become a Parisian in One Hour , played 100 % in English, is today the million spectators. A real success! “I don’t have an end date in mind. I’m going to play another five, ten years… as long as people will come to me, I will continue!” After having lived in the Twelfth century, it is in the Life that he has decided to buy an apartment that he shares with Claudie, his wife, and their baby Lily. A district that he knows by heart for having attended, in his youth, the école supérieure de cuisine Ferrandi. His greatest pleasure today? Roam the streets of the neighbourhood, accouder to bars or be installed on the terraces, as many of the observation posts and privileged life in paris. Another favorite place, the garden of the Luxembourg, where he wrote his Guide to (very) handy for the perfect Parisian (“French Arrogance Prod), beautifully illustrated by Solène Debiès.

Pierre Hermé. Richard VIALERON/Le Figaro-sweet Pleasure

This is THE bakery where we will purchase our desserts when one has the world at home. I love their mille-feuille infinitely vanilla. It is a boutique stunning and the vendors are small care for us. The cakes are a bit expensive, but it is the price of quality and service.

Pierre Hermé. 72, rue Bonaparte (Life). Tel.: 01 43 54 47 77.

Good neighborhood restaurant,

I worked with the boss when I was in the restoration. I go there regularly for lunch. I particularly appreciate his risotto with mushrooms and parmesan and a poached egg, cream of saint-marcellin and roasted mushrooms!

Le Petit Littré. 16, rue Littré (Life). Tel.: 09 50 79 99 67.

Gab & Jo. Frédéric Lipzyc the lair of The “made in France”

An original shop, located in the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, whose name refers to Gabriel and Josephine, the first name of the children of the couple who founded it. I recently discovered by prospecting in order to sell my book. There are only products manufactured in France. The seller is very nice and the concept is even more important.

Gab & Jo. 28, rue Jacob (VIe). Tel.: 09 84 53 58 43.

Terrace summer

in The summer, it is the forecourt of the Theatre of Europe, which turns into a huge terrace of the ephemeral. It is incredible, but, at lunch time, there was practically no one. I settled in to eat a salad and enjoy the calm atmosphere. On the other hand, in the evening, it is impracticable!

Café Odeon. Site of the Odeon (Life). Tel.: 01 44 85 41 30.

Home wild. Sébastien SORIANO/Le Figaro ” the ritual of The morning

With Claudie, my wife, we are there every morning after having accompanied our daughter, Lily, to school. It has become an essential rendez-vous, a true ritual, a breathing. We sit on the terrace with a coffee, even when it’s bad, and you look at the rue de Buci animate gently.

Home of the Wild. 5, rue de Buci (Life). Tel.: 01 46 34 26 26.

garden inspiration

Since our daughter was born, this is where you just walk around and play in the playground (currently taken apart to be refurbished by next spring, editor’s NOTE). on sunny days, I sometimes come to me to lie on the lawns. It is a place conducive to reflection and observation.

Jardin du Luxembourg (Life). Tel.: 01 42 64 33 99.


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