On vacation, the smartphone has joined the toothbrush among the essential accessories. How to pass the network to obtain all the information necessary for the proper conduct of stay ? Tourism is now connected, a new deal in which the start-up from montpellier Osmozis intends to exploit. Created in 2005 by the engineer Gérard Tremblay, it first attacked the market of campsites and holiday villages with Wi-Fi networks. In France, 23% of the campsites are connected have adopted its technology.

Osmozis, listed on Alternext since a year, now wants to move up a gear by connecting the common tourist. Risoul in the Alps, Gruissan and Le Cap d’agde, on the edge of the great blue, offer the network to their visitors through Wi-Fi. The european Union has allocated 120 million euros to equip of 6 000 to 8 000 local authorities by 2020. A godsend for a company, also present in Germany, Italy and Spain.

Your little one more than the other ?

Gérard Tremblay : We put in place a network of terminals with a grid, that is to say, without core architecture. It is a technology of military origin, which allows to obtain an even quality of flow on all the covered area, without weakening of the signal in the periphery. Our competitors are fitted to smaller places and often closed. We, when it’s big, and outside, love it.

In ten years, you will sell what ?

The networks that we deploy will be then simple media for the services that we are already beginning to offer, such as video surveillance or RFID wristbands used for locks that are connected in vacation villages. With the development of the Internet of things, this type of services is going to take more and more importance in our business.

Your biggest mistake ?

After six years in the Silicon Valley, I created a first start-up specialized in video conferencing, which was sold in 2003. This experience has helped me to understand that the essential element in the business was not the product, but the human beings develop. It is best to choose employees under-skilled but highly motivated.

And now as the boss, you’re the father Hen or bogeyman?

I’ve learned that the truth was the easiest way to operate, because it gives us confidence in the other. This is what gave me the idea for the name “Osmozis”, as the osmosis that can develop between different people. This is also valid vis-à-vis customers. In the event of a technical problem, you need to recognize its errors, if any. Our clients appreciate.

On vacation, always connected ?

I remain connected to the Web for a vacation of short duration. But, once a year, I cut for three weeks to travel at the end of the world. I, however, remains available by telephone.

Osmozis, the vacation connected

20 000 Wi-Fi hotspots installed

80 employees

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8.7 million euros of sales


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