• A castle in Tuscany

A building with green shutters perched on a hill, the bell tower of a chapel sketched out behind an alley of cypress trees, vineyards of chianti and olive trees out of sight, an Italian garden… with just a few strokes of the brush, the table is brushed. No doubt, we are in Tuscany. It is this scene typical and eternal as coveted for years, the group Como Hotels and Resorts for its first establishment in the homeland of Leonardo da Vinci. Italophile, Christina Ong, founder of Como, has always maintained close links with the excellence and heritage of italians. Its commitment to promote the Italian fashion in Asia has earned him, in 1995, the title of Cavaliere del Lavoro.

A room of Como and Castello Del Nero. Andrea Getuli

In 2007, hosted at the Castello Del Nero for her family vacation, she falls under the spell of this castle of the Xii century that the owners, the family Trotta, was freshly transformed into a hotel. The area bucolic, 750-acres is conveniently located between Florence and Siena, thirty minutes drive from …

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