The time for me, this is the life”,says Mike Horn. In the mouth of anyone else, this sentence would give rise to a shrug of the eyebrows. But in that of the adventurer, the experience transpires. Besides, one who comes to cross the Antarctic solo continues: In the extreme expeditions, when it’s – 40 °C, you can’t sleep five hours maximum. Beyond that, the body cools down too much and it can be fatal…” Like him, his watch has survived all the tough conditions to which he subjects himself.

Mike Horn. Panerai

It is now more than fifteen years, Panerai accompanies discreetly this Swiss-South African in his wild adventures. An association that dates back to his meeting with another South African,Johann Rupert, owner of the Richemont group that owns Panerai. The latter was immediately convinced that these watches that equipped the elite Italian military were cut to follow the explorer to multiple exploits.

The president of the brand, Jean-Marc Pontroué, who had been appointed nearly a year, intends to push this personality outside the norm, which made, among other things, the tour of the Earth following the equator, alone and without motorized transport. “Our signature is “Panerai, Laboratorio di idee,” recalls the officer. We innovate in all calibers, in the materials used ; we’re going to innovate now in the experiences available to customers.”

It is as well as a dive watch, professional, family-Submersible, equipped with an automatic movement power reserve of 72 hours, has been developed with Mike Horn. While the adventurer is very sensitive to the protection of the resources of the planet, this model is made of titanium obtained by recycling of residues, and the bracelet is made out of recycled plastic.But the true specificity of this limited edition
19 copies is to offer to its future owners to accompany the adventurer for a few days in the middle of the ice of the Arctic ocean. A unique opportunity to share the experience of one who, after having crossed the South pole, is in the process of joining the North pole in a boat. “I often fear, he acknowledges. But my fear protects me. It pushes me to find solutions and to go beyond myself, without taking any risk.”


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