The place. A renaissance! In search of a second breath on the side of its historic restaurant on the rue d’assas – currently closed for renovations, expected to reopen in the spring of 2019-in, Hélène Darroze has surprised everyone with this beautiful neo-brasserie bourgeoise located on two floors. On the ground floor, esprit urban loft with tables and high chairs, open kitchen and glass-metal. To the first floor, ambience boudoir and lounge between plush chairs, colorful, shelves, overwhelmed by the books and fireplace.

The plate. The chief landes household all appetites with a varied menu, sufficiently provided for the envy (as a prelude, small snacks and appetizers malignant), but not too long. As an input, the endive and radicchio, walnuts, pear and stilton nearby as well with a forest sautéed mushrooms, foie gras and egg confit to run it. Beautiful rooms to share in flat, including the roboratifs short ribs black angus. And among …

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