The restoration is now the art of conquest where the offensive argument to the seduction, where it is necessary to occupy the land and where found fatally from these figures that make the great strategists. Those are leading their groups as it is at the head of troops. Cities “world” are their field of action, and Paris is among their favorite. Some sometimes disappear (the Blanc Brothers) when others thrive. They are called Bertrand, Costes, Joulie, Bourdoncle. The Aveyron history of the bougnats, bistros and brasseries made them the kings in the capital, the heirs of dynasties limonadières. They are discreet, powerful, enterprising, popular often, jalousés sometimes.

Benjamin Patou. Sonia Sieff

In the favour of the new century and a gastronomy to be lived as a new eldorado, the landscape rebat yet the cards. Other times, other heads. Here’s that invite the unexpected, in a hurry, ways small princes of the “food business”. Benjamin Patou, among others. Forty years, half of which are passed to mount the Moma Group, now firmly installed on the side of the elite. And the man likes to go fast, let’s face it, in the Bonaparte of the tables. Journey to the rough and ready way, climb to the triple gallop. Child of Neuilly, the son of the family assuming his areas of bourgeoisie well-born as his nonchalance school, Patou offers a youth-jackets golden brown. It is, in the 90’s, a small reputation noctambule to push the disk in the rallies, to orchestrate the evenings postmondaines in the West of paris, to the structuring of an agency of sound equipment for weddings of up before of understand quickly that the sector would soon live out its year II. And Patou to imagine a revolution in the event industry as it is the revolution of culture.

The restaurant, a brand like any other

At the cité mondiale, global thinking, and the Moma to bounce back by offering a structure of virtue, integrating all services, containing the content, the choice of the venue to the organization of the show, the kitchen on the board. The cornerstone of the matrix: the restaurant! Patou includes a table, it is much more than a simple matter of trim ; it is today a media outlet, a showcase, a brand like any other. Each address will therefore be fashioned according to a plan of action inspired by the fashion houses and luxury. That plan is to find the sign carrier in one of these districts elected by the “first follower”.

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add in the momentum, a decor that slap mannered for a star designer, as well as a kitchen adoubée by a figurehead of the kitchen. Support the all, a solid address book (call it a network) which, near, far, will enable the audience to see as to be seen. Finally, add this supplement for the unexpected (a concert, magic show) which will be a feast between forks and seat. In the clear, as brief, of the beautiful, the good, the buzz! The”eatertainment” that would be crossing the Costes in Las Vegas, the chic canteen and the show before.

From there, it is not surprising that the Barrier group (its Fouquet’s, its great hotels, its casinos) between the capital of the Moma Group in 2016. There especially, a success that made a spiral, with a dozen of haunts launched in ten short years, including the Arc, the Victoria, the Bus Palladium, the Noto, the Manko, the Mamo, the Club 13, the Rustle… In the small world of those who come out, some love it, some criticize, but force is to recognize a energy. Great-grand-nephew of the famous perfumer Jean Patou, Patou (Benjamin) raises, in turn, his label.


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