The Gardens of Hermes. Hermes

For its first fragrance in the collection The Gardens of Hermes (and is popular with the lovers of freshness), Christine Nagel has worked an amazing deal… samphire. That comes to make this herb of Brittany, rich in iodine and calcium, in this Garden, on the Lagoon, baroque bouquet of lilies, pittosporum and magnolia, inspired from a place of Venice jealously guarded secret?

“I have long sought this garden, gentle, green, not glossy, which is resistant to time and of which the flowers, the grass, the trees continue to grow despite a soil salty and poor, swept by the spray, says the parfumeuse of the saddle.


To recreate its fragrance, her memory, I have used a molecule called algenone and I created two effects: the air of the lake is slightly salty and the végétalité of the samphire. The salt is not a territory essential to the perfume, since it has no smell, but it allows us to explore other tones. Our job is to re-create more of the feelings …

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