Peugeot, if one has long since given up the race to the cylinders, leaving the German manufacturers explain them, the breakthrough of the electric motor opens up new horizons. Through the miracle of electricity, the manufacturer as coach of sochaux prompt in the race for power, without degrading its average CO2 emissions. The firm of franc-comtoise is going to reveal to the public of the Geneva motor show a super 508, which will cap the range plug-in hybrid, from the second half of 2020. Completely uninhibited, this new door-French flag pays itself the luxury to stick up to the leading German brands. The development of this 508, which aims for nothing less than the Audi S4, a reference in the segment of family sport, which was assigned to the sports division of Peugeot Sport, the business of which turns idle since the termination of the program WRX at the end of 2018. It was not necessary any more to ignite a strand bravache Jean-Philippe Imparato, director general of Peugeot, and reinforce the idea that “the sedan is really back”.

The small fins on the rear quarter vented side contribute to the aerodynamics. Peugeot

from the 508 Hybrid of 225 horses, which will arrive on the market in the fall of 2019, the engineers have developed a version that displays the bagatelle of 400 horses. We know that the powers of thermal and electrical do not add up and the saving of 175 horsepower is based on the adoption of a second electric motor placed on the rear axle and delivering 200 hp. It works this time with the 4-cylinder 1.6-litre gasoline direct injection 200 hp and with an electric motor for 110 horsepower installed on the front. The 508 Concept Peugeot Sport announces a torque of the order of 550 to 600 Nm. The performance, which is close to a sports car, have cause to disturb the faithful of the lion brand. The 100 km/h would be reached in 4.3 seconds, the 1 000 standing start in 23,2 seconds. The contribution of the electricity would mostly times incredible: 2.5 seconds to go from 80 to 120 km/h and 9.3 seconds to go from 80 to 180 km/h With its V6 3-liter TFSI 354 hp, the Aud S4 is beaten. The top speed would be electronically limited to 250 km/h. The electrical machine be actuated up to 190 km/h. And as always thanks to the electricity, Peugeot reconciles performance and ecology.

The battery has a capacity of 11.8 kWh would be able to provide a self-zero emission 45 km while the CO2 emissions homologated would be no more than 49 g/km according to the standard WLTP. This technology is associated with the automatic transmission 8 reports. In the course of development, this exclusive 508 will propose different strategies of operation. His rear motor to be a four-wheel drive, but it would also ensure a character propulsion. An EV mode will also allow them to ride without wasting a single drop of gasoline. The three engines could also operate in combination.

charged Battery, the 508 PS would be able to travel 45 km in electric. V3667r-0.3 P-1.60R0.06Q1.91NbonusSauto:auto:400:8

To accompany this abundance of horses, Peugeot Sport has neat connections to the floor. The chassis is lowered 15 mm, the channels are expanded, 24-mm front and 12 mm at the rear, the steering re-calibrated. The braking reviewed is based on ventilated discs 380 mm front and four-piston calipers. It had to be at least that to stop this sedan Peugeot Sport increased a little more than 300 pounds compared to its equivalent with combustion engine.

The silhouette muscular of the 508 is further exacerbated. Camped on huge tyres, low waist of 20 inches and with shields aggressive, this exclusive version is not in the lace.

The treatment of the interior has nothing to envy to the one of the references in German. Symbolizing sportiness, the suede dresses the saddlery, the lodge, a part of the dashboard, the steering wheel on the double flat and the gear lever.

a Symbol of sportiness, the suede dresses a large part of the interior. V3667r-0.3 P-1.60R0.06Q1.91NbonusSauto:auto:400:8

Presented at the Geneva motor show, which opens its doors to the public on 7 march, the concept 508 Peugeot Sport Engineeered inaugurates a new family of sporty models electrified. It is close to the serial version marketed in the fall of 2020 as a sedan and SW. The power should be lowered to around 360 hp and the torque reduced to 500 Nm. As for the price, it should be around 60 to 62 000 euros. Never Peugeot has never been so close to outflank the united German automakers in the segment of sedans. The 508 Peugeot Sport will also be on its way to the next Volvo V60 T8 plug-in hybrid 390 horsepower.


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