The FIGAROSCOPE. – Can you retrace your route?

Pierre GAGNAIRE. – My beginnings were chaotic. I start an internship in a pastry shop at age 14, and then a second at Bocuse in the summer of 1965. After college, I’m learning in M. Jean Vignard. All of it under duress. My father had a Michelin star at Saint-Etienne. I was the eldest and had to take again the result of my parents without asking questions. Different houses in lyons before the army, where I have the chance to be a cook on a boat. A significant period of time, during which I discover things not found in the kitchen: discipline, respect, listen to each other and defining a project. I then input a flop at the Maxim’s at Orly, a passage to the Intercontinental with the great Charles Janon, and then two years at Lucas Carton. Direction the United States with my backpack. Someone offers me a job fast that I have to refuse as my father is asking me to return. I have held my first position as a chef, 25 years old, for a season at the …

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