The first Cayman GT4 was an ode to the pleasure of driving and steering to the former. A six-cylinder flat air, a manual transmission and an exploitable power were the main arguments of this berlinette in German. Today, the family 718 deprives the Cayman a mechanical six-cylinder, which removes part of its power of differentiation in the face of the Alfa Romeo 4C or the Alpine A 110.

Two versions of the Cayman to the race are available: “Trackday” and “Competition”. Porsche

But the Porsche Cayman GT4 is back, with its flat-six naturally aspirated 3.8-litre, which has even gained 40 horses. Even better: if the power output rises to 425 hp, the weight is content 1 320 kg. The problem is that this 718 Cayman GT4 receives the appellation Clubsport, and can therefore be assessed only on circuit. The front suspension from the 911 GT3 Cup and the disc brakes steel of 380 mm of diameter, should be precisely the help to sign of respectable lap times on the track.

Another downside, the racing model is exclusively turned to the performance in a closed circuit, the engineers have favoured the rapid changes of reports and opted for the automatic transmission PDK 6-speed. One may think that the street version will, for its part, box, manual.

Two versions of the Cayman to race are available. The first, called the “Trackday”, has an ABS, ESC and traction control d├ęconnectables. It also provides air conditioning, an emergency exit through the roof, a fire extinguisher and a tank of 80 liters of fuel approved by the FIA.

The second declension, which is called “Competition”, adopts shock absorbers adjustable in three positions, a storage tank of 115 liters, a system for adjusting the distribution of braking between the front and the rear, a steering wheel of the GT3 R adjustable to the environment and a device for fire extinguisher automatically. A real race car so that will delight drivers solitary, such as the stables.

to listen To roar of the flat-six air in the straight line of the stands, you will need to spend 134 000 euros for the Cayman GT4 “Trackday” and 157 000 euros for the version “Competition”. These two models are not approved for the road. To join your favorite playing field, it will be necessary to bring a trailer! Idem to maintain its GT4 in a concession Porsche.

These two Cayman of the course can be assigned to any Porsche centre in order to ensure their maintenance, but it will be necessary to use a trailer. Porsche


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