not quite the same, nor quite another. The Porsche 911 walks its forms inimitable, and his architecture, engine, door to the rear overhang for more than 55 years. A longevity that demands respect. She crossed the modes and times with a panache that many envy and taking care, each time, to evolve in a reasoned way. The 911 is a rock. It seems to be indestructible.

Each arrival of a new version is scrutinized and expected. Is that the Porsche 911 is certainly not a car like the others. It is the benchmark of sports cars. The one by which the competitors are determined. Her journey is intertwined with the history of the brand. The 911 is a brand in itself. A sign of rallying. The symbol of a certain art of living.

If the 911 rocks the dreams of small and large, this is because she managed to wear, without ostentation, a certain social success, and from the values of the brand’s success in the competition. Again this year, in the face of competition greatly increased and organized, she managed to win the GT class at the 24 Hours of le Mans. A success which speaks volumes about his potential. In this respect, the eighth generation type 992 revealed at the salon of Los Angeles should still make him take a step forward. Evidence that 55 years ago, we can still be surprised.

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