a month before the school holidays of February, it is time to prepare to change the shoes and the skis. Every winter, the Sports ministry is a prevention campaign for vacationers. And always starts, that is its role, by recalling the number of accidents and type of injuries the most frequent the previous season.

Let’s move on these statistics unappealing. Skiing is a sport with risks, everyone knows that. And the first risk of gliding, it is falling. To avoid it to the maximum, it is necessary for the technique, so don’t hesitate to (re)take ski lessons on arrival, only half a day to get back in the legs. “The pleasure, it is learned,” said the pub of the ESF (ecole de ski français) there not so long ago. We have never found a better slogan.

Good track in-line

however, in order to optimize this “fun”, nothing like a little exercise before the start. Ten small minutes day-to-day of gymnastics is enough. The Sports ministry has therefore had the good idea to associate with Lucile Woodward, coach, graduate Status and fitness girl well-known youtoubeurs with 300 000 followers.

A video has been specially produced and put online. Lucile Woodward is showing movements to perform each day at home before back on the boards. In the program: seven-figures for building muscle of thighs, abs, and glutes. Shot to 2 800 m above sea level at the summit of the Mass, on the ski area of les Menuires (Savoie), this little film in the magnificent setting gives you want to roll.

Lack however, in this natural setting are two elements are highly useful to treat the physical condition of the skier: a wall, against which we will be sitting for 1.50 min, or more if affinities with this position called “the chair” but without a chair of course. The second strong element useful to prepare for the pleasant: a good old staircase that you will prefer to systematically lift to raise and lower.

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