In search of ever more new products to expand its hosting business, Airbnb offers complementary experiences unpublished. And it is with the centre Pompidou, that a partnership has been formed since the 5 September. It is now possible to pay 65€ just the same, to come to see the collections of modern art and contemporary Beaubourg in the company of an artist, and this even before the arrival of the public at 11am. In small groups (maximum 6 people), a guided tour is organized at 9 o’clock in the morning in the museum wilderness. Allison Blumenthal, a visual artist born in New York city and living in the capital, has been chosen by the museum to animate the activity.

1h30 guided tour only in the museum

After entering by a back door and get to know over a coffee or a tea in a bar in the neighborhood, the group takes the direction of the 5th floor where many masterpieces are exposed. The tour begins with the great figures of modern art: Braque, Léger, Matisse, Picasso. And then-contemporary artists take over: Louise Bourgeois, Sophie Calle… Explanations and anecdotes follow one another for an hour and a half. The guided tour ends at 11 a.m., but participants can take the opportunity to discover temporary exhibitions in the centre Georges Pompidou.

Airbnb multiplies from now on partnerships with museums around the world. Lovers of Van Gogh were able to sleep within The Art Institute of Chicago, and others have spent the night in the museum Anahuacalli in Coyoacan (Mexico). In France, many hosts offer to discover the cultural institutions, but also their own activity. The milliner Mary Marquet receives in his studio of hats of the boulevard Sébastopol (Paris Ii) twenty passengers per day.

Centre Georges Pompidou. Place Georges Pompidou (IVe). Booking on Airbnb. 3 to 4 dates per week. Price: 65€.


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