“You embody the America that we love, businesswoman, happy and generous!” Arnaud de Puyfontaine, president of the French-American Foundation, opens with fervour the gala dinner the annual of this famous brotherhood transatlantic in addressing these words to his guest of honor, Ralph Lauren. Standing ovation in the gallery of Battles. For the occasion, a record of attendees is in a hurry in the palace of Versailles: 750 Young Leaders who will shun not the privilege to surround the self-made man the most emblematic of the United States.

Ricky Lauren. Courtesy of Ralph Lauren

After the show anniversary monumental anniversary, on 8 September at Central Park, this dinner, in the presence of his family and the first circle of his collaborators, form for the founder of this claw, which has become iconic, the culmination of a year of the highly symbolic and moving. “I am not looking for the ceremonies, says Lauren. I refused a lot of medals, honors, when I am not feeling the sincerity of their …

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