The Renault Clio is not a car like the others. For 29 years, its competitors look at it as the model to imitate, and buyers of citadines as the model to own. Since 1990, it has attracted 15 million customers around the world. Exceptional phenomenon: the fourth generation, born in 2012, has never seen its sales decline over the course of his career, despite the growing demand of motorists for the SUV. The Clio was still occupied in 2018 the head of the hit-parade des immatriculations French and the second place of the podium in the european. In these conditions, to pass the baton to the fifth generation is a high-risk. Renault is placed in front of a double equation: not to disappoint its customers and withstand the competition that continues to enhance the level of services of its vehicles. Peugeot is preparing in the wings for a new 208 that dream of biting the Clio.

Clio V to finish at the RS Line. Renault

Evolve without betraying the spirit of the lineage, this is the specification which is imposed to the designers of the fifth generation of the Renault Clio, presented for the first time to the public on the occasion of the Geneva motor show in early march and go on sale from the month of June. While the Clio V inaugurates the platform CMF-B of the Renault-Nissan Alliance, opening the way to the electrification, the exterior styling evolves smoothly but is gaining in expressiveness. Side dimensions, it puts an end to the leak in front. The length decreases by 14 mm (4 048 mm) and the height stoops down to 30 mm (1 440 mm) in order to win in aerodynamics and sportiness. The pathways back are narrower, hence the slight effect of bending that can be observed by looking at the vehicle. To the passage, visitors to the Geneva motor show will discover that the Clio V now incorporates a tiny windshield wiper on the right side. We already know that the front passenger will have to be satisfied with a large surface area not cleaned, the top of the windshield.

The new Clio is always recognizable among a thousand, but the curves are blurred to the benefit of the taut lines. The LED spotlights have a new light signature that is reminiscent of high-end models of the Diamond. The front cover wins of the ribs and the front apron air intakes sharp. With its rear lights refined and with a 3D pattern, the Clio seems to be more statutory. This is the meaning also of the work conducted in the cabin. The team of Laurens van den Acker has worked in two directions: to erase the image of poor quality of the fourth generation, and engage the digital revolution. The challenge has been perfectly taken. The interior atmosphere of the Clio V makes you forget the transgressions of its predecessor. The perceived quality has risen to the level of the references of the segment as we have seen on a model of pre-production unveiled to the members of the jury, car of the year (Coty).

The minimalist design contributes to the interior ambience more statutory. The touchpad patch is oriented towards the driver. Renault

Exit therefore the plastic injected of the Clio IV. The Clio V is converted to plastics, foamed (thermogain├ęs), in particular for the cap of the dashboard now always black to avoid reflections in the windshield. The designers have cared for both the choice of materials, harmony of colors, more sober, and execution. The air conditioning does driver more from the central screen, but since the wheels rotating, where the design and the touch refers to the universe of luxury. The result is elegant and refers to vehicles of the above category. The ergonomics has also been the object of particular care. The center console is raised, and all controls fall to hand, thanks to a gear-lever shortcut. It includes the induction charging of the smartphone. The Clio benefits from the change of generation to gain a few precious litres of storage space. The glove box deeper increases its capacity of 4 gallons (26 l). The bins at the doors to see their volume increase from 4 to 6 litres.

The interior of the Original finish. Renault

As for the trunk, in addition to his opening of the tailgate extended, it now has a capacity of 391 litres instead of 330 litres previously. The backs of the front seats dug allows the rear passengers to win 2.6 cm of space for your legs. The centre of the board is occupied by a large touch pad reported, positioned vertically and oriented towards the driver. Depending on the version, it is wider than that of the Space, its diagonal ranging from 7 to 9.3 inch. The system Easy-link has a new interface, more easy to fly and a slab of high definition contributes to raise the status of the Clio. It takes just one click to switch from one mode to the other or to change screen. Each Clio will have a chip 4G to during the first three years the remote updates free system and mapping Tomtom. From its side, the driver has a block of instruments 100 % digital. Its size varies from 7 to 10 inches, depending on the version. This screen is customizable offers several display modes and, as in the manufacturers top of the range, the GPS navigation can register at the center of the window. The quality printing is done at the edge of the Initial version that has the coordinates of color particularly refined (black or grey sand) and leather seats with quilted design specific.

Maintenance of the diesel, the input stage of the hybrid

the difference of the next 208 which will be entitled to a version that is 100 % electric, the Clio V will have to settle for a hybrid version, leaving Zoe to defend the presence of Renault in the market of the electric urban car. This hybrid version is expected to enter the scene in 2020. It would combine the 4-cylinder 1.6-liter naturally aspirated 90 hp with two electric machines and a battery of 1.2 kWh. The fuel economy would be of the order of 15 % in the combined cycle and 30 % on urban routes compared to the model 1.3 TCe. The range of gasoline should also include the 1.0 Ecs comes in 65 and 75 hp and the TCe 100 and the 1.3 TCe 130. To meet the expectations of the corporate client, the Clio will still be offered with a diesel engine. It will be the 1.5 Blue dCi available in 85 and 115 horses.

The launch of the Clio V is expected in mid-2019. It will be on its way the next Peugeot 208, which is hoping to rob him of the title of favorite car of the French.

Clio V to finish at the RS Line. Renault


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