young scientists attention. By the end of this month, young researchers and young researchers who are under 21 years of age, their projects for the current round of competition of “Jugend forscht” to submit. 54. Output for the year 2019 under the Motto “Frag You!”.

“We erarten again a great turnout,“ says Dr. Sven Baszio, Executive Director of the Stiftung Jugend forscht e. V. “in the coming year, we want to make a decisive contribution to interest young people in mathematics, Informatics, natural Sciences and technology (MINT) and to nurture talents effectively.” It was important “for the future viability of our society,” performance of young scientists ready to discover and to promote.

For the registration to the competition, it is sufficient according to the organizers, first of all, only a research topic. It could be chosen freely, but had to do research in one of the seven “youth”-specialist areas: working world, biology, chemistry, earth and space Sciences, mathematics/computer science, physics and technology.

“Jugend forscht”: prices for the more than one Million euros

Until the beginning of January 2019 could then be researched in the school, in the student research center or at home, and experimenting to be fiddled. Only then, it is important for the participants, a written report of your research project to be submitted.

as of February 2019, the regional competitions are held nationwide, where the young talents will present their research projects to a Jury and the Public. Who wins here, occurs in March and April at the country level. This is where the Best will qualify for the 54. Federal-finals, the 16. to 19. May 2019. On all three competition levels of money and prizes awarded with a total value of more than one Million euros.

The form for the Online registration, the terms and conditions and competition poster 2019, you can find on the Internet at



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