The radius of action remains the main concern of any driver who opted for the fairy electricity. In the Face of the combustion engine, petrol or diesel, the electric vehicle will not have a full legitimacy if it is able to travel long steps. If not, it may remain confined to the role of second car in the household, the one charging at home (if you can) such as a smartphone, and intended trips of local.

Thus, the project EVC1000 (for Electric Vehicle Components) supports the development of technologies helping to create vehicles to a very high degree of autonomy. Supported and funded in large part by the european Union (6, 8 million euros), it brings together ten partners: AVL List GmbH (Austria), Brembo (Italy), ELAPHE (Slovenia), Fraunhofer managed storage nas (Germany), Ideas & Motion, Italy), TU Ilmenau (Germany), Tenneco Automotive Europe (Belgium) and the University of Surrey (Uk). This program also focuses on the development of anything that can improve the behavior and performance of the electric car: engines, but also systems of energy recovery, in particular. The demonstrators will be the Audi and the Chinese Jac (Jianghuai Automobile Co.), also involved in the project.

maybe alléchée by this news, the start-up Innolith claims to be able to produce a battery of 1 000 Wh/kg ensures a 1000 km range. Its capacity would thus be four times greater than that of a Tesla Model 3, and again two times more powerful that the battery developed by the Department of Energy (DOE) in the united states. One of the keys to the performance of the battery Innolith would be a substance that is non-organic which replaces the organic solvent content in the electrolyte. This liquid would be much more stable and less flammable. Its appearance on the market is scheduled for 2022. In the meantime, the reaction of the great builders of this project should give an indication of the interest that it can arouse. Unless these same manufacturers do not develop themselves this type of accumulators “long distance”.

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