On December 7, 1889, Robert Louis Stevenson arrived in the port of Apia, the capital of the archipelago of Samoa, then under German domination. “I have the intention of not staying very long in Samoa”, writes the author scottish. The sultry tropical climate unsuitable to his lungs failing. Yet it is here, in a corner of the jungle, that he will spend the following five years, before pushing his last breath. The beautiful house that he built on the heights of Apia, on Upolu island, can be visited as a museum. It sits in the center of a vast area in which cultivated coconut, banana, and pineapple.

To feel at home, the author of treasure Island fit to install a chimney… in a country where the mercury never falls below 20 °C. The servants, aboriginal people were asked to wear kilts in tartan instead of the lavalava, the traditional loincloth. The writer was well liked by the population …

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