Under the wings of the plane, the ellipse of a huge crater emerges from the Aegean sea abyssal. The three islands of the draw: the grand crescent of ancient Thira and the islands Thirassia and Aspronisi which the punctuate. Santorini, the island-volcano, the most famous of the Cyclades, is also an archipelago. At the center of the caldera, the two islets of black lava remind us of the continuous activity of the volcano for thousands of years. There are 3,600 years, a rash of particularly violent would have blown up like a cork in the centre of the island, blackening the sky of the entire earth and swallowing up in its ashes a brilliant civilization, associated by some with Atlantis.

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black Cliffs, ochre, rust, violet, who is thrown suddenly into the sea ; villages poudrant white on the edge of the crater… the spectacle of the largest caldera submerged in the world fascinates him. So much so that today hundreds of rooms and suites facing …

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