Visit the pyramids of Cheops without leaving the ground of the palais de Chaillot. It is this experience that is both cultural and sensory, that invites Scanpyramids VR within the City of architecture. A 45-minute virtual reality the visitor discovers the site of the Giza plateau with the three pyramids, the Sphinx and the temples around them before entering the massive constructions of ancient Egypt. Developed by a team at Dassault Systems, Emissive, and of the Institute of HIP, this simulation is not an attraction. It is the fruit of a long scientific work – still ongoing today – a mission Egyptian-French who has fully x-rayed the building and searched for cavities yet unexplored.

A realistic immersion and bluffing

with these statements with attention to detail, the device of virtual reality takes you into the bowels of the pyramid. Each piece is displayed in its actual size, a listener, reproduces the echo extraordinary of the king’s chamber, the stone seems more real than nature. Better, while you are on the inside, the guide can literally hollow out the structure to let it appear that the galleries and the main bedrooms of which one perceives suddenly on location and volume. It will also show you the “great void”, a large room situated above that of the king discovered by the mission franco-japanese and that person has not yet accessed.

suffice to say that the assumptions of the various egyptologists are going well, as is so often spent on the Giza plateau. It appears stunned and a little dizzy from the three-quarters of an hour virtual tour, where one has, in fact, that pacing the carpeted floor of a large space of the Cité de l’architecture. To discover emergency.

Scanpyramids VR. City of architecture. 1, place du Trocadéro (Xvi). Price: 20€. From 14 February to 23 march 2019. From the age of 12. Only on reservation:


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