The first dressing for men, Jacquemus is called The Gadjo, a misuse of the language of the Gypsies. On the side of Marseille and Salon-de-Provence, where its author, Simon Gates Jacquemus, has grown up, elegance mediterranean rhymes with nonchalance and poise not calculated. To be clear, there is no need, there, put on a suit to impose.

In the trial run of the stylist-independent, it has only a single jacket to complete the low-coordinated bermuda shorts! The almost thirty-year-old prefers to revisit the basics of all the days in fabrics and color sweating in the sun. His pants multi-pockets. The jackets are well rolled. Patterns of shirts sing the Provence… We almost hear the cicadas sing. Unfortunately, the summer is still far away. In the meantime, it should be noted that Gadjo has made a very beautiful effect and that these clothes are sold now in many boutiques worldwide.


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