Usually you can pay for the cruise with a credit card, but for the country of course, you need something with a little cash. This cash to get, costs at ATMs on cruise ships mostly increased fees. But you can bypass with some Tricks.

cruise-Trick 1: money, id-Article-content stand out in the Casino

many of the cruise ships passengers credit cards, you load a specific balance, and thus on Board can pay. If you have at the end of the trip, still quite a bit of credit on the card, you do not need to spend it. However, the Board pays the remaining balance is not easy in a Bar.

But even here there is a Trick how you can get cash back: Go to the Casino and insert your card into a slot machine. Then you put your money in the game without really playing. So the balance is transferred to some extent on the slot machines. Then, you can simply press “Pay”. You get a Ticket that you can show to the cashier and the casino staff will pay you cash.

you can read here: these are cruise Tricks can save you when booking and on Board properly.

cruise-Trick 2: withdrawing money with a credit card,

fees when withdrawing money on the cruise deal, also works often with certain credit cards. This is because these allow it often, worldwide, free of charge, withdraw cash at ATMs. Please inform yourself in advance, whether this is with your credit card.

by the Way: Usually, a travel health insurance is even during the cruise with the credit card guaranteed.

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