Less crowded, less expensive, less cold and longer days. Such is the tantalizing definition of spring skiing. Addicts know this well, who does not lose a crumb until the closing of the slopes, knowing that they will then have to gnaw their brakes for months until the following winter. While conversely, the other holiday makers zappent the end of the season of gliding. Suddenly, the attendance of the stations is in berne and, for the dope, can be seen every year at the same time to an outbreak of price bids groomed.

The operation seduction 2019 is called the “newbies welcome”. Orchestrated by France Montagnes, the association of promotion gathering hundreds of stations, it offers the novice a package slip all-inclusive, group lessons, equipment rental and ski lifts. And the purchase of this formula by an adult allows a second person, without distinction of age or obligation of kinship, to receive graciously the same benefits.

A site dedicated to find slides his foot T.Hytte_Klip.fr

This is for alpine skiing, snowboarding and nordic skiing. And not only for those who are never mounted on boards. Two alpine skiers distinguished, for example, can perfectly take advantage of the windfall to be introduced to another gliding at a lower cost. For the time being, a quarantine stations involved in the transaction. According to the sites, the content, duration and/or the validity of the package may vary: three or six days, group lessons, half-day or day, available from now until the closure of the slopes or a few dates only…

The school holidays the least expensive

In addition, from one place to the other, the prices differ for a package of the same. For example, 6 days of alpine skiing, material, group courses day and the lifts are charged 431 € to Chamrousse, a small resort of the Isère, and 528 € to Meribel, posh resort of the Three Valleys in savoie. The only constant, it will be understood, it is free for the second apprentice slider, an adult or a child. To find his happiness, it is necessary, therefore, to surf on the site dedicated to leprintempsduski.com

Gratuity for a second skier without distinction of age. T. Hytte_Klip.fr

“In the ski season, the holidays of spring are the least expensive”, points out Jean-Marc Silva, director of France Montagnes. It is a fact. The price of the accommodation that reach the heights the week of the new year and holidays of February, are two to three times lower in march and April. Still, the stations begin to close.

Where to put it after mid-April

to learn where To put, go, this time, on the website of France Mountains that lists, week by week, the areas (alpine and nordic) open. Obviously, the more you advance in the warm season, most of the choice decreases. After the Easter weekend (April 20-22), a thirty stations will turn again, then ten the following week, and only two, Val Thorens and Tignes (Savoie) for a finish, from 27 April to 5 may.

As to the snow, be reassured, there remains aloft because, when it’s raining at the bottom, snowing at the top and, above 2 000 m, the Alps have been rather well served in recent times. Finally, to the question the spring is a good season to start in the glide, the answer is yes. The warmer weather in the winter helps to the learning. And most importantly, it is never too late to negotiate their first turns and experience the immense pleasure of skiing.

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