Andaman The Taj Exotica on the island of Havelock. TAJ EXOTICA RESORT & SPA

After a tour in South India, in the direction of the Andaman islands, an archipelago of nearly 300 islands scattered in the bay of Bengal. Turquoise lagoon, pristine beaches – Radhanagar also known as Beach Number 7, elected by our colleagues from Time Magazine “the most beautiful beach of Asia”: here You are on the island of Havelock. In this dream setting for swimming and snorkelling just install the new resort Taj Exotica and its 50 villas on stilts inspired huts jarawas, the tribe of the great South island. Of this indigenous people, it is everything that you see and it is very good as well. The world needs to preserve a few mysteries, and the Jarawas in their mode of life.

Genuine World ( ; Combined South India/Andaman islands, from € 5,500 for 12 days/10 nights.

Galapagos The Galapagos archipelago.

the Islands Baltra, Mosquera, San Cristobal, Española, Santa Fe, Santa Cruz, North Seymour,… As many treasures major that make up the archipelago of the Galapagos, “the last sanctuary of the wild life so dear to Cousteau. A marine reserve listed in the Unesco world heritage site, isolated in the Pacific ocean some 1,000 km of coast in ecuador, to explore to the edge of the Santa Cruz II. The cruise takes place over of guided tours by eminent naturalist guides francophones, hiking, and swimming to observe the animals without disturbing them. Each evening, a different speaker comes on a theme related to the archipelago in order to combine knowledge and pleasure.

The Figaro Cruises ( ; From 8 160 €, 11 days/9 nights, departing Paris on April 2, 2019.

Raja Ampat Yacht teak privatized by REVĪVŌ. SDP

The new concept REVĪVŌ, a specialist in treatments for holistic well-being, has opened its first resort in Bali (in the walls of the former hotel Aman Nusa Dua). At the same time, REVĪVŌ launches a very luxurious retirement on a yacht or a sailboat teak privatized, sailing in the indonesian archipelago of Raja Ampat (January to march), between Komodo and Kaimana (April to June), in the lesser sunda islands (July to September) and in the Banda sea (October to December). These cruises “Diving & Mind Training Retreat”, 100 % customized, combining scuba diving, water sports, coaching, yoga, massage, nutrition…

REVĪVŌ (00.852.6707.6705 ; All-inclusive package for 6 nights departing from Denpasar, boat privatized: 68 000 € for 2 or 75 600 € for 10.

Islands in the Windward Tahiti Pearl Regatta, the most famous regatta in the insular Pacific. SDP

To participate in the Tahiti Pearl Regatta, the most famous regatta in the Pacific island region which will be held from 7 to 12 may 2019, Club Wildlife tours has designed two original modules combining the spirit of sport and comfort. The first, with accommodation in a luxurious cabin of the catamaran, allows you to keep close track of the TPR, but without a sail (with excursions at each step). The second, aboard a monohull of 58 feet in the race, helmed by an experienced skipper, offers the thrills of the competition. Both packages include flights from Paris, a night in Papeete, the cruise on full board during the regatta, and 4 nights in Bora-Bora.

Club Wildlife Travel ( ; Has from 6 to 200 € per person on the basis of 14 days.


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