motorists are supporters of the least effort. The manufacturers have invented the SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle), which release to deploy the talents of a gymnast to take a seat at the edge. Then as we go down in a classic car, we climb in those gears leggy invented by the Americans. This is not the least of the virtues of these silhouettes, ordered yesterday, still in the utility topic and which are now available in all the sauces.

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The SUV gives the driver a kind of “trendiness”. A status of the adventurer of modern times. It is a way to announce the color: at the wheel of an SUV, it is ready to go off the beaten track. This is not always true, since the four-wheel-drive are not necessarily of the party. By installing the occupants in height, this new breed of vehicle, allows to dominate the elements. A privileged point of view on the road and its traps, however, is not an absolute guarantee of security. The laws of physics are immutable. Their high centre of gravity prevents them from being as dynamic as a sedan. A test of avoidance may be completed the head upside down.

The SUV gives the driver a kind of ” trendiness “. A status of the adventurer of modern times

The SUV are not models of sobriety. They burn more rubber and fuel than a car low. They do not militate for sustainable development. Due to a higher mass and an aerodynamic cabinet norman. And then? These recreational vehicles, which have the same footprint on the ground than a sedan equivalent, are becoming the standard of the automotive world. They cover all layers of the market. Urban Format or XXL, the SUV has become a rite of passage for all brands, whether they are generalists or luxury. With the exception of Bugatti, the last to make the resistance.


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