The Radisson Blu 4-star hotel has opened in extremis for the Christmas holiday. The suites on the 6th floor are always in the works. The residence adjoining, a building of nine floors, the highest building in the canton of Uri. Planted at two steps from the old village of Andermatt, while cottages old wooden houses and pastel colours, the two new buildings resonate with.

In the swiss mountains, the buildings state of the art of this size are extremely rare. “there will be no other” , says Stefan Kern, spokesman of the Swiss Alps, the company has built. It belongs to the billionaire egyptian Samih Sawiris, the driver of a mega-project of a tourist complex.

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amounted to 1.6 billion euros, the programme provides 42 apartment buildings (eight have already pushed), six hotels of category 4 and 5-star hotels (the Radisson Blu is the second one) and twenty-five cottages. A never-before-seen in the Confederation. But rest assured, at the end of the work, the capacity of the station will not exceed 4500 beds, compared to 1500 today, a thousand to the assets of the Swiss Alps and the rest scattered in old, small hotels 2-3 stars that begin, suddenly, to renovate.

Gliding up to Sedrun, in the canton of Graubünden

This winter, Swiss Alps has also expanded the station with tunnels as wide as those of the RER. But empty. The sports shops and the counters of ski lifts, this is for the next year. The renovation of the ski area is also part of the project. This season, the snow fields of Andermatt are gathered to those of Sedrun, in the neighbouring canton of Grisons. SkiArena Andermatt-Sedrun now offers over 120 km of slips.

120 km of slips on the domain Andermatt-Sedrun SkiArena Valentin Luthiger

beyond the financial transaction, the expansion of Andermatt is part of a rescue plan, which is triggered at the express request of the cantonal authorities at the turn of the century. The station was economically a disaster. Established since the dawn of time to 1447 m altitude in the valley of Urseren, in the heart of a circus of grandiose of the Gotthard massif, the village never became, like many others in Switzerland, a rendezvous popular with families, athletes, or the jet-set. Its strategic position at the centre of Switzerland has sealed a fate different. Of course, there is skiing, and even until may, and tourists have been coming for a long time in the summer.

A ski champion to ambassador

As of the end of the Eighteenth century, the romantics, Goethe in the head, had been fascinated by the wild beauty and mysterious of the region. Since then, railway tunnels and highway access. But at the time, she deserved to be with the crossing of the passes can be dizzying, with more than 2000 m of altitude: the Saint-Gothard passage to the Ticino and Italy, the Oberalp, the border with the canton of Graubünden (one ski for now) and the Furka, dangerous liaison with the canton of Valais – scenes cults of the adventures of James Bond ( Goldfinger 1964) was filmed.

such A natural fortress could only be of interest to the army. She is installed. But left it in 1990. However, the military and their families, 18,000 persons, were living 4000 Andermattois. The only solution to compensate for the loss: to boost tourism, using the great ways.

The train climbing the Oberalp pass all year. You can take to reach the tracks. ph.tommy.picone

Because he had to his credit several beach resorts in the Middle East, and Montenegro, the embassy of Switzerland in Cairo has asked council to Samih Sawiris. Except that this one had the thunderbolt for Andermatt and, as a consultant, became investor. In 2007, the villagers have approved the project by voting (96 % yes). And the federal government sold it to the billionaire land army.

“Before I rode up there to seal skins to admire the breathtaking view. It is now accessible to all,”

Bernhard Russi, world champion and olympic downhill, the ambassador of Switzerland Alps

In 2015, the Chedi Andermatt 5-star hotel and its residence have been inaugurated. Samih Sawiris had, voluntarily, question com’, started by the most luxurious address. The international press spoke of the new gem of a hotel.

at the same time, Swiss Alps has been chosen for ambassador the child prodigy of Andermatt, Bernhard Russi, world champion and olympic downhill in 1970 and 1972, which was converted from star architect of the slopes of the alpine dedicated to major competitions. He is currently working on those of Beijing 2022.

The project of the Swiss Alps was important to Andermatt , comments on the interested. The number of skiers has already doubled. The connection with Sedrun has created a new sector is amazing, especially the red track which descends from the summit of the Schneehüenerstock (the “mount of the ptarmigan”, ED ) the pass of the Oberalp, my favorite. Before I rode up there to seal skins to admire the breathtaking view. It is now accessible to all. As to the former village, it was embellished with new bars, restaurants and shops.”

But not a signature stamp of luxury at every turn of the streets snow-covered. What about the shopping of the new owners net worth (the prices of apartments are those of the big resorts)? “What are Europeans, of the Swiss, 60 %, Germans, Italians, English and some 6-8 % of the French, meets Bernhard Russi . They have chosen to Andermatt for its tranquility. Here, this is not caviar and champagne, but sausage and roësti!”

The pool of the Radisson Blu hotel. Soeren Dam Thomsen roadmap

GO TGV Lyria from Paris to Basel, Then up to Andermatt with trains (three or four) of the RTC, in possession of a Swiss Travel Pass,

HOUSING The Radisson Blu Hotel Reussen, 179 rooms and suites, bar, restaurant and spa, anthology, 2 000 m2, 12 cabins, a swimming pool of 25 mr. Bravo for the home. From 220 € per night. Tel.: + 41 41 8 881 1 11 and

At the Chedi Andermatt 5-star hotel, 133 rooms and suites in a huge choice of tables, including a japanese restaurant, michelin-starred, spa, 10 treatment rooms, indoor swimming pool (35 m) and outdoor, smoking room, wine bar, ski lounge, scratched Head… And ideal situation in the old village. From 620 € per night, including breakfast. Tel.: + 41 41 8 887 4 88 and

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