When she consulted at the beginning of November, Alexandra knew that her payslip would be different. The young woman, employee from the group of cosmetics Kiko, is part of the “guinea pigs” of the levy to the source. To anticipate change, set up by the government January 1, 2019, the directorate has adopted the educational bulletins for its 1400 employees.

“I was curious to see what would be my pay once the reform is applied,” explains Alexandra, satisfied. Now, I’ve built-in, with a little advance, what sum will be deducted from my net salary.” For Agnes Guilbaud, head of HR, this work of explanation was necessary: “The main challenge for us is to provide the best support to employees in this change, so that they understand as early as possible that their questions will be addressed to the tax administration.”

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Chez Etam also, we took the lead. As of may 2018, the first changes have been incorporated. “We have prepared a list of questions and answers, and prepared a campaign of communication to 600 employees in the headquarters and 3500 employees in the store, even if not all are taxable, tells the story of Samuel Cropper, director of the social affairs group of ready-to-wear. Until now, the employees have no interest in terms of calculation of their net salary. There, they want to understand the mechanics.”

‘t fear for privacy…

The ministry of Economy has published a complete kit for all structures, private or public, called upon to become collectors of the tax on the income. The sampling rate, as calculated by the tax administration, is transmitted to companies, which apply it on the net salary taxable, more important than the net salary to pay listed at the bottom of the payslip, in particular because the CSG is not deductible in the calculation of the tax.

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The choice of the rate reverts to the employee. For more privacy, he can opt for a neutral rate. In Etam, very few employees have chosen this option, ensure Samuel a Sharecropper. Impossible to know what it is with Kiko, where it is brought in before the… “confidentiality” of such information. “In and of itself, this rate means nothing, recalls Agnes Guilbaud. No payroll manager there will be no fun to go to calculate the income of an employee. We already treat such information with discretion, there is no reason for this to change, with the collection at the source.” In her shop, Kiko, Leah has no concern with: “My employer pays, so it already has a small idea of what I earn. I don’t see where the problem is.”

… but the fear of a decline in the purchasing power of

The two groups, which have opted for teaching, swear that everything is going well. “My initial fear of finding myself beset of applications has disappeared,” says Agnes Guilbaud Kiko. Our software is ready and works, management of public finances was conveyed in the time and our communication campaign has defused the questions.” The serenity will it always update when the amount of the salary paid to the bank account will be diminished ? “It was a little hard to find,” admits Samuel The Tenant.

In companies that do not jump the that in January, the atmosphere is feverish. According to an Ipsos survey* published on 27 November, 41% of heads of French companies believe that their company is ready on the 1st of January next. A quarter (26%) report that they encounter difficulties. More than half (53%) feared that this reform will lead the employees to see a decrease in their purchasing power. Of employees, 60% consider that in case of an error on their payslip, the question could be a source of tensions with their employer.

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* Study carried out in October 2018 with 406 business leaders and 1,000 employees in the private sector.


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