Hardly a winter sports is as easy to learn as the classic long-run. Especially if one chooses destinations that are specialized in the long-run. Beautiful winter landscapes and many attractive offers. Better the entrance into the new favorite sports can’t be.

1. Because length is the ideal combination of Training and experience of nature to run

The only sounds are the crunch of snow under the skis and the sound of the wind in the trees. Almost silently, the cross-country skier glides through the lonely winter landscape, discovered in valleys that remain otherwise hidden. Between Seefeld and Leutasch in the side valleys around the lake Achensee or on lonely meadows to the foot of the Dachstein mountain in Ramsau, enjoy cross-country skiers a wonderful experience of nature, while at the same time strengthening the muscles, heart, circulation and Balance.

2. Because the length of the optimal prevention is to run

cross-country skiers live longer. This, in the meantime, in the old Slogan for Prof Dr. Ralf Roth of the German sports University in Cologne is still high on the agenda. Of health and preventive aspects, it is a nearly perfect form of movement, says the renowned sports scientists. It is joint-gentle, trained, in addition to the leg and torso muscles, particularly the often-neglected area of the shoulder girdle. The length of the strength supports run as endurance, it also strengthens the co – ordination and balance assets.

3. Because it is run for long with virtually no age limits, and restrictions

long everyone can run fast. People of all ages with different physical Constitution can discover the fascination of the long-run. With the classical technique, the all-natural movement, is the entry easy, you move instinctively, and without habituation processes smoothly through the snow. Athletic and experienced cross-country skiers, the more dynamic skating technique has to offer. In the long-run, regions in the Olympic region of Seefeld, Achensee, around Saalfelden and in the Ramsau am Dachstein cross-country skiers of all ages and performance classes on the go, there is all the service offers with courses and equipment rental for the ideal entry.

4. Because it is in Austria, unusually versatile and varied cross-country trails are

cross-country skiing in Austria is anything but monotonous. The long-running destinations in the Olympic region of Seefeld, Achensee, Saalfelden and Ramsau am Dachstein offer flat trails for beginners, varied around courses, panoramic cross-country trails and challenging routes, with racing history, and romantic, night-lit cross-country trails. Every day a different type of cross-country skiing.

+ Saalfelden-Leogang cross-country ski trail© night Saalfelden-Leogang5. Because of long run a little effort before and after

long stress-free winter sport is run. Many cross-country trails are located at the cross-country specialists in Austria, only a few steps from the hotel door. The Equipment is easy and convenient to transport. Get on your skis and off you go. Individually the day, in between breaks. Don’t have to, but want to run and enjoy running.

6. Because long run is favorable, and the purse is hardly

cross-country skiing is practically and economically. The investments for the Equipment are manageable. In the case of the Austrian cross-country specialists, there are Leihangebote with first-class amenities at reasonable prices. And apart from the few euros for cross-country ski tickets, there is no additional cost.

7. Because when you are very flexible and not dependent on others

move, when and how you want. This is also one of the advantages of the long-run. Long you can run alone and in the group, lighted cross-country trails ensure that you can make it to any times of the Day, as long as it’s fun and the body feels good. Or just stop and enjoy the view.

+ sunset over Leutasch.© ORS Stephan Elsler8. Because it is when you are no matter is whether you have brand-name clothing and expensive Ski

long-runners know no social pressure. You can run without Stress. Which brands are clothes and skis, plays here no role. Here it comes to the Sport and to the personal well-being. And that is very relaxing.

9. Because you can run as well the long an enjoyable stop-off

enjoyment can run long? Also the there is. After the extensive Training to a stop at a rustic hut or a tavern makes it particularly fun. Especially if, as in the case of the long-running specialists, beautiful valleys at the lake Achensee, lonely huts curls around Seefeld, or in the Ramsau, or in Saalfelden Inn and Restaurant right on the trail.

10. Because long-run really is entertaining

long-runners are generally happy people. You will enjoy the experience of nature, and treat yourself sometimes to something Special. For example, the long-running camp at lake Achensee, a trip with the beloved four-legged friends on the dog trail in Seefeld or the Nordic Park Experience in Saalfelden with sports, chill out music and good food. But also for the young is taken care of, the Ramsau also offers a children’s cross country ski Park, where even the Smallest to the very fun introduction to the Sport.

+ dog trails become© olympiaregion Seefeld

Curious? More info and lots of practical tips on www.austria.info/langlaufen


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