He photographed a view of the sky for a beautiful book commissioned by the Office of tourism, and it is magnificent. Catalonia in the objective of Yann Arthus-Bertrand (and of the texts of Ramon Folch, editions de La Martinière) reveals the splendour of its cultural heritage, architectural and natural. The film and photographs made during this exploration from a helicopter to illustrate this number of the exceptional “Terminal F” devoted to the destination.

Around Bénédicte Menu, editor-in-chief to the pole of Tourism of the Figaro , and Maxime Cuny, journalist at le Figaro Live, a plethora of guests fell under the spell or from this region of Spain so special with its own language and its own culture, and that the stones of the villages and medieval monasteries testify to the long history.

The journalist Sylvie Bednar was selected for Le Figaro Magazine 45 addresses of charm in the 7 “tourist brands” of this territory. On the plateau, she speaks of some of these nuggets all of which will be revealed in a dossier released on 4 April, at the same time as the year 2019 of the most beautiful rooms in France. To his side, the two owners of boutique accommodation located in the Pyrenees and on the Costa Daurada, share with us their love for their region.

Catalonia from above by Yann Arthus-Bertrand Yann Arthus-Bertrand / Tourism of Catalonia Sports and gastronomy

And then, who better than Josefina Mariné, director in France of the Office of Tourism of Catalonia, to explain the reason of the 7 “tourist brands” whose geography a priori rout, but which, on closer look, allow us to understand it differently and better enjoy Catalonia?

also on The agenda: The Catalan gastronomy, with a passion to talk about: Romain Fornell. Youngest chef in France to obtain a Michelin star, to 24 years for his restaurant Chaldette in Lozère, Romain Fornell was decided seven years later to return to Barcelona, the Home of the languedoc-Roussillon, which belonged to his parents-in-law. Since then, the head multiplies the restaurants in Catalonia, including the Caelis, which enabled him to win again a Michelin star. On the plateau, this enthusiast takes the water to the mouth of the other guests and internet users.

And then Catalonia, it is also a fabulous sports field, as recounted in the athlete Jan Margarit, one of the greatest hopes the world of “trail running”, a member of the team Solomon, in which figure Kilian Jornet. This young man of 22 years, a native of Matadepera, near Barcelona, speaks with enthusiasm of the great strengths of sport and nature of his country.

Catalonia from above by Yann Arthus-Bertrand Yann Arthus-Bertrand / Office of tourism of Catalonia


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