Texas is a funny State. And everybody knows, but nobody really knows what it looks like. Ranches, oil wells, major cities… Is that all? Let Dallas and Houston next. It is in Austin, it is necessary to begin the journey. This is a human-sized town with its Downtown on the edge of the Colorado river. A young population and mixed found it to run, pedal, paddle, picnic lunch. We only dream to imitate. Then, run the shops cool and trendy SoCo area of South Congress Avenue where you can find leather boots, goggles, sixties, belts, a Stetson.

Austin is distracted on the day, but it really is the night that she has fun

as Well attifé, it looks like soon to be a cowboy, except that here nobody would have the idea to mock. Austin is one of those cities where a Harley-Davidson parked in front of a rock club with neon lights flashing is not a cliché. In the falling evening, rubs his eyes: two men on horseback, …

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