1. flying over the earth at the sides of Dumbo, the most famous of the elephant calves, at a free exhibition around the filming of the version by Tim Burton (the Elephant Paname, the Second, from 20 to 24 march).

2. Support the young creation and its French talent by attending the 4th edition of the multidisciplinary festival 100% (at La Villette, Xix, from 20 to 31 march).

3. Appreciate the appearance of the new fountains design du rond-point des Champs-Élysées, structures bronze and crystal (Eighth from 21 march).

4. Display its most beautiful plumage, and lend an ear, to enjoy the songs and other sounds of nature offered by the Night of the Nightingale (at the Philharmonie de Paris, Xix, 21 march).

5. Share mezzeh and cocktails in the pop-up Greenlight, which invests the bar, Martin (XIe), the time of four Sundays only (24 and 31 march, 7 and 14 April, from 12h to 21h).

6. Recite Le Dormeur du Val lying in one of the beds in the new hotel literary dedicated to the poet Arthur Rimbaud (Xe, as early as 21 march).

7. Humming The Power of flowers in pace with Laurent Voulzy in the exceptional setting of a church (Church of Saint-Eustache, I., on the 21st of march ; Saint-Sulpice church, Life, 22 march).

8. Is oxygenated thanks to the biodiversity of forestry celebrated the International Day of Forests and its multitude of awareness-raising activities (Place of the Town hall, IVe, from 21 to 23 march).

9. Immerse yourself in the Fashion Freak Show of Jean Paul Gaultier with the caliente Rossy de Palma turned into a teacher (at the Folies Bergère, IXe, from 21 to 31 march).

10. to Bite into the burger beef, scamorza, aioli lemon burned and chimichurri to The Cantina, a new baby of the Asado Club, two miles from canal Saint-Martin (11, rue Marie et Louise, Xe).

11. Be hypnotized by the movements of the bows on bowed strings instruments of the virtuosos in the Spring of the violin (Seventh, 21 to 31 march).

12. play Jackie Chan or master of Shaolin at the 34th edition of the festival of martial arts (at the AccorHotel Arena, Xii, 23 march).

13. to Vibrate with the six couples prestigious tangueros and songs fans of the show Esperanza (The Seine Music, 92, 23 and 24 march).

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14. Explore the representation, and its evolution, of black figures in the history of art with the exhibition “The black model of Géricault à Matisse” at the Musée d’orsay (Vii, 26 march-21 July).

15. Blow – the mouth – the first candle of the pastry shop of the hotel Meurice: Cédric Grolet will propose for the occasion 12 fruit carved that made its reputation (Ier, on march 23 and 24).

16. Unravel the mysteries of the impressive mummy of Tutankhamun at an exhibition of the pharaoh (at the Grande Halle de la Villette Ninth, from 23 march to 15 September).

17. with a Jerk for an hour of conference with the master of the noir novel by Michael Connelly (at the Théâtre de la Madeleine, Viii, 25 march).

18. to Find his contemporary authors favorites on the boards: Leïla Slimani with the adaptation of the prix Goncourt Sweet Song in the Studio of the Comédie-Française (until 28 April) ; the novel of Edouard Louis Who killed my father? adapted by Stanislas Nordey at the Hill (until 3 April) ; and Apocalypse Baby that has earned Virginie Despentes the prix Renaudot at the Théâtre Paris-Villette (until 28 march).

19. Strolling between the walls, exposing the pencil strokes of the masters and amateurs of the salon Drawing Now (the Tile of the Temple, the Third, from 28 to 31 march).

20. Taste the cuisine of the talented Armand Arnal (La Chassagnette) without going to Arles, but to the House Plisson Saint-Honoré, which invites pourune residence of a month (the first, from 29 march to 1 may).

21. to Get justice for the Duke of’malley murdered by solving the investigation game, impressionist Anima Agent Fun (At the musée d’orsay, Vii, 28 march, 13 and 25 April).

22. to Celebrate the 30th anniversary of the iconic pyramid of the Louvre with yet another souvenir photo (at the Louvre, I, on the 29th of march)…

23. And that of the tour Eiffel (VIIe), which blows its 130 candles on the 31st of march! We can already taste the card signed Thierry Marx at the 58 tour Eiffel.


24. begin in the new hike of 10 miles from the Arboretum de Versailles – Chèvreloup and travel among the lush vegetation of three continents (Versailles, 78, from the 1st of April).

25. Breakdance in the parking lot of 2000 m2 of the Institute of the Arab World, transformed into a dance floor prior to demolition and invested by the sounds of rap and R&B Classics Only (Ve, le 6 avil).

26. to Discover during the european Days of Art professions the know-how of artisans who are passionate and pride ourselves in exceptional locations throughout the paris region (JEMA, 1 to 7 April).

27. Fill her basket of spring flowers, tasty fruits and vegetables in one of the farms in île-de-france straw Hat (from 1 April).

28. waddling to concerts indoor, Shaka Ponk, Gaëtan Roussel and Youssoupha Festival Chorus, the first festival of the season (The Seine Music, 92, from 3 to 7 April).

29. to Enrich its collection of art and design in the PAD, where are brought together dealers and collectors of Decorative Arts of the Twentieth and Twenty-first centuries (garden of Tuileries, I, from 3 to 7 April).

30. Have the head in the stars at the Grand Palais during the exhibition “The Moon: the journey real to imaginary journeys” before the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the first man on the single natural satellite of the Earth (from 3 April to 22 July).

31. Share the deep admiration of Fellini to the genius of Picasso in the middle of the imaginary dialogue of the filmmaker with the Spanish artist at the Cinémathèque (Twelfth, from April 3 to July 28).

32. Fill her basket of Italian products slow food in the temple of Italian gastronomy, Eataly, which finally lands in the Marais (Third, opening April 12).

33. to Take off by immersing themselves in the exhibition “Ocean, a diving unusual” and go to the meeting of the fauna peculiar to the great depths to the Museum national of natural History (Fri, 3 April to 5 January).

34. to Move on the french new-wave of Shark Grief, the indie pop star Tiny Ruins or the afrobeat of the Angolan Pongo during the music festival Les Femmes s’en melent (at the Trabendo, in the Nineteenth century, from 4 to 6 April).

35. Wandering among the 150 galleries of modern and contemporary art of the post-war period to our days at the 21st edition of Art Paris Art Fair (Grand Palais, Eighth, from 4 to 7 April).

36. Crossfade looping, spins and thrills on the roller coasters, big wheels, bumper cars and other rides of the Fair of the Throne (Lawn of Reuilly, the Twelfth, from 5 April to 2 June).

37. Understand the conflicts of the Twentieth centuries through the work of Pablo Picasso, following the guided tour of the exhibition “Picasso and the war” (Museum of the Army, Vii, from 5 April to 28 July).

38. Guincher the Grand Ball of the Little Orchestra of Paris, who arrived at Ground Control. Rhinestones, sequins, rock, song, punk, pop, and swing to the programme (Xii, April 13).

39. imagine the court of the Sun King in the time of a walk and to let the light of the groves, and the waters of the fountains in the magnificent French gardens of the château de Versailles (Grandes Eaux of Versailles, 78, from April 6 to October 27).

40. absorb the texts written in extreme situations, and to find the notes of Marie-Antoinette, Napoleon I, Alfred Dreyfus, Marie Curie, but also the words of anonymous, adventurers, soldiers, prisoners, resistance fighters, ordinary men and women… (“Manuscripts of the extreme” at the BNF, Xiii, 9 April to 7 July).

41. to Explore the design, fashion, new technologies, photography, video art or music of the 20 creators from around the world at the festival Creators of movement (Swedish Institute, IVe, from 10 to 14 April).

42. Toquer at the door of paradise, repeating in chorus Like a Rolling Stone the Nobel Prize for literature to Bob Dylan with his group for three unique concerts in France (Grand Rex, IIe, from 11 to 13 April).

43. grant for an evening of fearlessness and the irrepressible freedom of Carmen in the staging of Calixto Bieito (Bastille Opera house, the Twelfth, from 11 April to 23 may).

44. Spinning on the boulevard de Belleville for the monthly edition of the Food Market (the Eleventh to the Twentieth), which offers the best of street food of the world at an affordable price, to gobble up on the tables of hosts (on the 18th April, from 18h to 22h30).

45. let yourself Be rocked by the blues poetic CharÉlie Sewing and not having “‘t Even sleep,” as suggested by the title of his last album (Trianon, Eighteenth, April 12).

46. to Celebrate the 5th anniversary of the zoological Park of Paris (Xii) in going to visit the white rhinos, giraffes, goulus, lemurs, and other specimens (free admission all weekend, 12 to 14 April).

47. Have fun otherwise the Galeries Lafayette (Ninth) along the fun areas of the Funorama to the four corners of the store (from 12 April to 26 may).

47. Revise your classics of literature in just over an hour in the theatre. With The Iliad and The Odyssey of Homer revisited by Pauline Bayle at la Scala (from 21 may to 2 June), or The Plague of Camus summarized by Nordine Marouf to the Unloaders (up to 13 April).

48. Find THE vinyl of your dreams in the bins of the 220 independent record stores who participate in Record store Day (April 13).

49. Laugh with William Shakespeare looking back at The Dream of a summer night at Ranelagh. A staged comical and magical, which fits perfectly with the sombre beauty of the place. One would enter the country of the lost children of Peter Pan… (until 14 April).

50. Complete the 42.195 km of the marathon of Paris from the Champs-Élysées and cross the finish line on avenue Foch (April 14).

51. Find nuggets of young French designers to the opportunity to Klin d’oeil, which comes with 70 exhibitors at the Tile of the Temple (Iii, 27 and 28 April).

52. having encounters with El Reino (Antonio de la Torre), a corrupt politician willing to bring down his party with him. The best political thriller of the year is Spanish (in room 17 April).

53. work his cheekbones with the funny festival 100% comedy, an extension of the new appointment Funny dating that places humour at the heart of the conversation (the Forum des Images, I, from 18 to 21 April).

54. Admire (E)motion, the monumental installation film designed from the filmography of Wim Wenders, and projected on the interior structure of the nave of the Grand Palais (Viii, 18 to 22 April).

55. to Feed and observe the animals of the farm and the farmyard installed for three days on the roof of the Grande Arche (from 20 April to 22 April).

56. See the emergence of the young talents of the european photography at festival Circulation(s) Centquatre, the Nineteenth century, from 20 April to 30 June).

57. Attempt to find a few of the 40 000 chocolate eggs scattered in the parc André Citroën in the hunt solidaire du Secours populaire (Xv, 21 and 22 April).

58. Falling back to childhood with the productions youth theatre. The wonderful Jean de la Lune , of the late Tomi Ungerer, at the Lucernaire (until 16 June), and attaching it to Little Prince at the Studio Hébertot (until 27 April).

59. come home with armloads of new features to the house after having spent the day at Foire de Paris (Paris Expo, porte de Versailles, Xv, 27 April to 8 may).


60. Drinking beers in the green: for its 3rd edition, the Mondial de la bière is shifted to the Parx Floral (Xii, 17 to 19 may).

61. to Compare the american version of the Gloria Bell of Sebastian Lelio – remake of one of his own films – the first Gloria tour in Chile. Julianne Moore takes over the role held by the wonderful Paulina Garcia (1st of may).

62. fly to the sides of the Iris Mittenaere in the new revue of Paradis Latin bird of Paradise , directed by Kamel Ouali (from 2 may).

63. Be in tune while allowing room for improvisation at the salon Musicora, dedicated to music lovers and musicians, the Seine Music (Boulogne, 92), from 3 to 5 may).

64. Will introduce in the scenes of the Opera Bastille or go to the meeting of the craftsmen of the trades of art, who are working for the smooth running of shows at Garnier at the 13th edition of All at the Opera house (may 3 to may 5).

65. to Applaud Isabelle Adjani in actress upset in the adaptation of the legendary film of John Cassavetes Opening Night , the Bouffes du Nord. What to do to forget the unreachable star, Gena Rowlands? (from 3 to 26 may).

66. Celebrate the puppet in all its states through 40 performances, including 15 recent creations at the biennale des Arts de la Marionnette (from 3 to 29 may).

67. to Resolve an investigation way Cluedo giant at a Murder Party in the heart of Paris (The Concierge, I, from 4 may to 26 June).

68. enjoy the food in the new canteen asian Taku Sekine (Dersu) and Florent Ciccoli (Café on the Corner, Jones): Gold Horse (21, rue de La Villette, Xix).

69. Visit the king’s kitchen Garden at the 11th edition of the festival very nature Spirit Garden (Versailles, 78, 4 and 5 may).

70. to Revisit, in the manner of Giacometti with the sculpture etruscan or Picasso with the antique busts, the fundamentals of Prehistory at the Centre Pompidou (IVe, from 8 may to 16 September).

71. Meet leading chefs and taste their dishes in small portions, beneath the nave of the Grand Palais, during the 5th edition of Taste of Paris (Eighth, from 9 to 12 may).

72. Mix sports, music and well-be at the Love run festival, with a race of 7km, two races in the duo hung out at the wrist and a concert participative (Wood of Boulogne, Xvi, 12 may).

73. surrendering to the poetry wacky and dumb from the granddaughter of charlie Chaplin Aurélia, who presents the Workshop, a show created by his mother Victoria: Bells and Spells (until may 12).

74. Taste of the pleasure of reading with the sponsor of the new edition of the festival Area of the Book, Patrick Poivre d’arvor (Ve of 15 to 22 may).

75. Singing the anthem never goes out of style We will rock you rhythm with Freddie Mercury at the “ciné-concert” Bohemian Rhapsody (Grand Rex, IIe, may 16).

76. to Swing with the legendary festival Jazz à Saint-Germain-des-Prés, who receives this year, Kellylee Evans, Erik Truffaz or even Richard Galliano (Life, from 16 to 23 may).

77. Unravel the secrets of the little black Paris Coffee Show, the first event dedicated to the coffee in France, at the Parc Floral (Xii, from 25 to 27 may).

78. see the permanent collections or the temporary exhibitions in the nighttime darkness during the european Night of museums (may 18).

79. to Avoid a stiff neck and develop muscles of his neck while watching the best tennis players on the clay courts of Roland-Garros (the Sixteenth from 20 may to 9 June).

80. to Attend the Award ceremony Simone Veil 2019 that brings together a multitude of writers at the Salon Women of letters (to the Salons of the National Circle of the Armies, Viii, 22 may).

81. to Thank Mother Nature by participating in the activities organized on the occasion of the Feast day of biodiversity (22 to 26 may).

82. See spin the red robes of sensual bailaoras during the Flamenco Festival (la Grande Halle de la Villette, Xix, 23 to 25 may).

83. Give them voice in chorus with Sting, showing the tubes of The Font as a Every Breath You Take to the Seine Musical (92, 28 may).

84. to Wield the lightsaber like a real Jedi and a drink at the bar Player One at the 4th edition of the Open de France with a lightsaber (at the Stage Charléty, Xiii, 31 may-2 June).


85. Is electric to the famous music festival We Love Green with Booba, Christine and the Queens, Tame Impala or the French rapper Vald (Woods of Vincennes, Xii, 1 and 2 June).

86. Flatter Master Crow, on a tree perched, all Lego bricks dressed like the other representations of The Fables of la Fontaine (at the Castle Chanorier, 78, until 2 June).

87. Find M – Mathieu Chedid – with his sixth solo album, Letter infinite to the Seine, the Musical (92), from 3 to 8 June).

88. enfiévrer to the rhythm of a new Villette Sonique Parc de la Villette, with Tim Hecker, Paul Régimbeau, Kelly Moran, Danny Brown… and many others (of the Nineteenth century, from 6 to 9 June).

89. to go green following one of the Appointments to the gardens with The theme “animals in the garden” (from 7 to 9 June ).

90. Book very quickly his seat for a few exceptional concerts of Mylène Farmer with his eleventh album Disobedience (U-Arena, Defending, 92, from 7 to 15 June).

91. Succumb to all his sins cute sweet the second edition of the Salon de la Patisserie (Paris Expo Porte de Versailles, Xv, 14 to 17 June ).

92. bring his most beautiful head covering for the traditional Prix de Diane Longines and to take part in equine (racecourse of Chantilly, 60, 16 June).

93. sent in the air at the International exhibition of Aeronautics and Space, and be a part of 180.000 passengers of this 53rd edition (Parc des Expositions du Bourget, 93, from 17 to 23 June).

94. see “the most beautiful avenue in the world” at the 8th edition of the Champs-Elysées Film Festival, reference of the independent cinema, French and american (from 18 to 25 June).

95. Sip bubbles and craft international at the 6th Paris Beer Week, including the Grand Final, held at the Centquatre (Nineteenth, from 8 to 15 June).

96. Swim with grace in front of Swan Lake , the legendary ballet by Tchaikovsky performed by the prestigious company Universal Ballet, choreographed by Oleg Vinogradov (the Palace of Congress, the Seventeenth, from 21 to 23 June).

97. to Imitate the masters of transatlantic’s burlesque of Max Linder with Charlie Chaplin, on a good laugh and story at the Fondation Pathé-Jérôme Seydoux (Xiii, until 9 July).

98. settle in one of the living rooms recreated in the exhibition “If we sang La La La La” for all the singing at home (at the departmental museum of the Seine-et-Marne, 77, until 25 August).

99. Travelling to the Pacific, discovering the art of these distant lands, from New Guinea to Easter island, from Hawaii to New Zealand with the expo “Oceania” (musée du Quai Branly-Jacques Chirac, Seventh, until 7 July).

100. Clubber on the mixes from the label electro French Ed Banger records within a framework of exception: the terraces of the Château de Versailles, for the first time (Versailles electro, 78, June 8, from 20: 30 to midnight).


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