1. Discover the hitherto unpublished photographs of jazz musicians, immortalized by Robert Doisneau, brought together for the first time at the Philharmonie de Paris (the Nineteenth century, until the 28th of April).

2. Fly over the iconic monuments of Paris and do a quick tour of the world strapped in one of the 50 simulators jetpack space FlyView (1000 m2) space Opera (IIe).

3. Enjoy the cuisine of Stéphane Jégo at soft prices in the new Ground Control Field (Eighth), installed in a commercial gallery for nine months.

4. unwind with family or friends on one of the ten targets of the single centre practice of throwing the axe, located in a former automobile workshop in the north of Paris (The Cognées, Xviii).

5. Find the smell, taste and touch by tasting to be blind, fine grocery products or by participating in workshops scent to the sensory area In the Dark, two steps away from Beaubourg (IVe).

6. Chewable in new sandwiches japanese the Sando Club, with a base of bread (brioche in house, vegetables and fried chicken or omelette (Eleventh, 12€).

7. marvel at night in the botanical gardens of Thoiry (78) with 600 impressive chinese lanterns representing a score of different animal species (until 10 march).

8. initiate (as early as 10 years of age) or improve the piloting of an aircraft in conditions close to reality on one of three flight simulators in the shop, Aero club, Simulation (Iii), unique to Paris.

9. Try the theatre immersive, pushing the door of the restaurant O Château, in the les Halles district (Ier), to take part in the concept of “A Table!” and enjoy a glass of wine listening to the neighbours, the actors, play drama intimate.

10. Visit the expo at the musée de l’orangerie (I) devoted to the personal relationships and artistic exchanges between claude Monet and Georges Clemenceau, in a room specially renovated for the occasion (until 11 march).

11. feel like a child in front of the numbers breathtaking new show of the cirque Bouglione Extra , in the oldest circus in the world (XIe, until 17 march).

12. Discover the art of weaving of bamboo in Japan with the exhibition “Split the air” at the quai Branly museum, which includes more than 150 works of ancient as well as modern pieces (Seventh, until 7 April).

13. Store calories with panoramic views of the capital, thanks to the evenings raclette and rosé on the rooftop of the Terrass” Hotel (Xviii, 25€, 11 and 25 January and on 8 and 15 February).

14. to Make a leap in time to find in the quiet dining rooms of the Belle Epoque with And if you was lying, where Alphonse Allais, Jules Renard, Lucien Guitry, Alfred Capus, and… Tristan Bernard goes on to give the reply (Theatre Tristan Bernard, Viii).

15. Admire the original creations of François Debret, the architect who restored the basilica of Saint-Denis to the Nineteenth century, displayed in the necropolis of the kings of France (93, until 24 November).

16. Melt with pleasure in following the workshop, a tasting of rare chocolates (produced in small quantities) from Madagascar, Peru or Cuba in the Workshop C at the Viaduc des Arts (Xii).

17. Relive the ascent hectic and moving of Louise Weber known as La Goulue – the queen of the Moulin Rouge, immortalized by Toulouse-Lautrec – at the Essaïon Theatre (IVe).

18. warm up with the au gratin onion les Halles reviewed by Jean-François Piège at The Poule au Pot (Ier.)


19. Review in the nocturnal images, captured by drones, and projected to the arab world Institute (Fri), cities millennia of Palmyra, Mosul, Aleppo and Letis ravaged by the war (two night on Thursday, December 27 and January 3 from 18h).

20. Spend a memorable evening at the opéra Bastille (XIIe) with the Traviata , one of the most popular operas in the world, inspired the Lady of The camellias (until 29 December).

21. to Visit the expiatory Chapel (Eighth) and discover the facilities of ingenious street artist, The Diamond dealer who put the monument up in value through a subtle game of mirrors (mar., game., fri. and sat., until the 29th of December, 6€).

22. Succumb to the pizza slice of Happiness, a new chocolate factory signed Laurent Moreno (ex-Ladurée and Fauchon), which has just opened street at 148, rue Saint-Honoré (I).

23. Rediscover The Land , the feature film musical enchanter Damien Chazelle, version ciné-concert at the Seine Musical (92), under the direction of composer Justin Hurwitz (Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 December from€ 40).

24. Dig up a place to the 16th edition of the All Star Game, which gathers each year at the Arena de Bercy (Xiith) the best basketball players in france and abroad (29 December, from 19€).

25. Catch up with the classics of the 7th art with 7 deaths prescription , based on the film by Jacques Ruffio (from January 29 to march 19) or the very successful 12 angry Man until the 6th of January (théâtre Hébertot, Xvii).

26. Donning his skates and a portion of glide 110 metres in height, with 360° view of Paname (Grande Arche de la Défense, until 14 January).

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27. Attend one of two special nights of the gala inaugural of the 350 years of the national Opera of Paris (at the Palais Garnier, Ix, 30 and 31 December at 19: 30).

28. Relive the time of a visit to the château de Chantilly (60), the elaborate Christmas traditions of the Orleans family (from 22 December to 6 January, on booking).

29. to Resume in chorus the most beautiful songs of the show Notre Dame de Paris at the Palais des Congress, 20 years after its creation (the Seventeenth, of 21 of December to 6 of January).

30. Visit in a confidential manner the museum Yves Saint Laurent with the first thematic exhibition Asian dream Yves Saint Laurent . A privileged tour outside of opening hours.

31. Wandering at night in the crypt and the nave of the Pantheon (Ve) in the light of a flashlight, in the footsteps of the “Tiger” Georges Clemenceau (seven night outstanding from 5 December to 30 January at 19: 45).

32. Revisit your classics with el Cid of Pierre Corneille: Jean-Philippe Daguerre immerses us in the story of Chimene and Rodrigue interspersed with fighting swords with bated breath (the Ranelagh Theatre, until 25 may).


33. Find Picasso intimate about thirty photos of Willy Rizzo who met him and knew how to capture a moment of father of a family or the artist in his studio (Seventh, until 12 January).

34. walk to the heart of the enchanted forest of luminous sculptures designed by Laurent Sanguinetti to Bercy Village and discover the animals that hide (Xii, until 20 January).

35. let go to the poetry and freedom of Miro with the masterful retrospective of the catalan painter at the Grand Palais (Eighth, until 4 February).

36. Switch to (or not) on the side of the Force with the first two episodes of the Star Wars saga in a cine-concert at the Philharmonie (Xix, 4) and (5 January).

37. to Be an expert on the stégosaures, raptors, tyrannosaurs and other diplodocus the time of a weekend with March of the dinosaurs to the AccorHotels Arena (Xii, from 4 to 6 January).

38. dazzle of the masterpieces of the Louvre (I) along the wings, Denon, Sully and Richelieu open at night every first Saturday of the month (from 5th January).

39. Heard the cries thrilled with the baboons, wolves or the lemurs who will discover the feasts of delicacies, sweet and savoury distributed in the form of gifts (zoological Park of Paris Xii, until the 6th of January).

40. slip into the skin of a leader review, a weightlifter or Harlequin… by putting his head in the panels of funds pictures of the musée des Arts Forains during the festival of the Wonderful (Xii, from 26 December to 6 January).

41. Resume in a choir Je m’appelle Emilie Jolie , and the tubes of the hedgehog, ostrich, and rabbits, blue, not to mention those of the prince charming and the witch (Olympia, IIe, until 6 January).

42. to Oscillate between the blue and the pink and enjoy the expo devoted to the early works of Picasso at the musée d’orsay (Vii, until the 6th of January).

43. Admire the breathtaking view of Paris sitting comfortably in the middle of fir trees in a bubble of more than 40 m2 to 57 meters high on the first floor of the Eiffel Tower (the Seventh, from 7 to 27 January).

44. Dare theatre on the big screen the 8, 13 and 14 January, with the screening in several cinemas in paris Cyrano de Bergerac of the Comédie-Française, three times moliérisé.

45. Dive into behind-the-scenes communications of the creation of Cyrano, catching up on the room Edmond Alexis Michalik (Théâtre du Palais-Royal, Ier), before heading out to see the movie which will be released on 9 January.

46. back in the 1970s for a concert of tributes bands, bringing together 3 groups of mythical: The Doors, Queen and Led Zeppelin ( Rock Legends at the Olympia, January 10).

47. Create and discover Piero TT, the new Italian restaurant Pierre Gagnaire installed in the old Gaya (Vii, expected to open in mid-January).

48. join in the dance with the festival faits d’hiver, where solos, duos and companies will lead you in the choreography of the breathtaking (from 14 January to 20 February).

49. Shudder with Glass , the new production of M. Night Shyamalan (The Sixth Sense, The Village). The american film director crossed with skill two of his previous films: Unbreakable and Split. Bruce Willis, James McAvoy and Samuel L. Jackson are they strange animals or super-heroes? (released January 16).

50. (Re)discover the films flagship of the 80’s thanks to the Forum cycle images (I): The last metro , Les Amants du Pont-Neuf , Nikita … ( 16 January to 28 February).

51. infiltrating into the show rooms of the editors and creators of the deco to be to the page and transform its interior in a jiffy (Paris Deco Off, from 17 to 21 January).

52. cocktails author at sweet prices, with and without alcohol, on the occasion of the 5th Paris Cocktail Week (from 18 to 26 January in 50 parisian bars).

53. enjoy a whole night with the pleasure of reading in libraries and bookstores that hold many events -readings, debates, recommendations – around of their funds literary (reading Night, January 19).

54. Take a breath of fresh air to the living room to Read the nature at the museum of Hunting and Nature, and meet 40 authors to follow lectures, discussions, readings and signings (Third, 19 and 20 January).

55. Hunt -peacefully – the whale on the mural paintings of japanese artist Maki Ohkojima that pays tribute to nature and these cetaceans out-of-transit (Aquarium of Paris Xvi, until 20 January).

56. Save up to afford one of the tables newly sacred by editing 2019 of the Michelin guide, unveiled on January 21.

57. to Be an expert on fashion trends spring-summer by following the new collections of major fashion designers during the paris Fashion week (from 21 to 24 January).

58. Vibrate Green book , Peter Farrelly (much more serious, without his brother, Bob): a road movie in the American segregationist of the 1960’s with Viggo Mortensen, which is great in factotum Italian-american, and Mahershala Ali, upsetting in the pianist victim of racism (released 23 January).

59. Singing at the top of the songs of Fire! Chatterton and dazzle in front of the hipped singer Arthur Teboul (At the Zenith of the Nineteenth century, January 24).

60. Attend to the hatching of young talent to become a concert of Revelations classics (lyristes and instrumentalists) of the ADAMI at the théâtre des Bouffes du Nord (Xe, 28 January).

61. Cavort with a lightness and vivacity to the hippodrome de Vincennes in order to decide the best 18 aces world at the Grand Prix of America (Xii, 28 January).

62. to Make a bath nippon in Ogata, place protean housed in a former mansion of the Marais, dedicated to tea, food, crafts, and culture (Third, scheduled to open at the end of January).

63. Groove on the front of The Empress, with her four musicians and a singer, his tunes very disco, which make you want to dance: the ingredients of the success of this group, which will warm the month of January. (At The Olympia in the Ninth, on 30 January).

64. Juggle, fly dans the air to the rhythm of the artists in competition at the Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain. (Cirque Phenix, the Twelfth, from 31 January to 2 February).


65. Swim in the universe of the brotherhood of Assassin’s Creed with the great exhibition Behind The Game , and behind-the-scenes of the design of the video game at Ubisoft (Gaîté Lyrique, from 13 December to 6 February).

66. Be amazed by the new magic of the season 2 of Magic Wip (La Villette, Xix, 8 December to 23 February).

67. immerse yourself in “the Epic art of the Trilogy Dragons” with 200 works, drawings, sculptures or film clips of the studio Dreamworks Animation (Museum of Art Fun Outside the Walls, Vii, 31 January to 24 February).

68. Find the most beautiful films of Eric Rohmer in the retrospective at the Cinémathèque ( My night at Maud’s, Pauline at the beach , Tales of the four seasons …) until February 11 (Twelfth).

69. Discover Paris and its surroundings in a different way with the new edition of Paris Face Cachée, and his visits to places in atypical or unknown open exceptionally to the public (from 1 to 3 February, on the reservation).

70. Identify the emerging talents of the blues thanks to the 13th Nights of the Alligator (Leather goods, Twentieth, from 1 to February 22).

71. Perceiving that Michael Jackson was the character of cultural the most represented in the world by contemporary artists stars (“Michael Jackson: On the Wall” at the Grand Palais, Eighth, until 14 February).

72. Dive into the world music of the Festival Over The voice for its 12th edition in five theatres in paris: Alan Stivell, NES, indigenous charka, Laurent Cavalie, Nubiyan Twist… (from 4 to 16 February).

73. Celebrate the Earth Pig and let it go to the expatriation of the chinese New year, which starts on 5 February with events in fifteen days in Paris (parades, traditional, concerts, etc.).

74. Be one of the first to dine at the Golden Horse (Xix, scheduled to open in early February), the canteen franco-asian lined wine nature of Taku Sekine (Dersu) and Florent Ciccoli (Café on the corner, Jones).

75. Compete at 100 per hour to admire the cars and motorcycles of collection exhibited at the salon Rétromobile at the Paris Expo before the auction organized by Artcurial (Porte de Versailles Fifteenth, from 5 to 10 February).

76. your home can be Transformed with the exhibition Art & Deco, a must for lovers of deco (Grande Halle de la Villette, Xix, from 7 to 10 February).

77. to Celebrate the 75 years of the show on ice, Holiday on Ice with the entire cast of 40 skaters accompanied by the godmother of the event, Nathalie Péchalat (Palace of Sports, Fifteenth, from 8 February to 5 march).

78. Reflect (and laugh) with Vice , Adam McKay ( The Big Short ), who signs a portrait of Dick Cheney, vice-president, George W. Bush, but the true leader of the first world power of the years 2000, with Christian Bale, unrecognizable, the favourite for the Oscar (released February 13).

79. Admire Thousand & orchids in Large Greenhouses of the Jardin des Plantes (Fr, from 14 February to 11 march).

80. Get a new tattoo at the 9th edition of the Mondial du tatouage (Grande Halle de la Villette, from 15 to 17 February).

81. believe that in Latin America thanks to the twenty-six designers selected by the artist French-Michel Bouvet for Fiesta Grafica (the House of Latin America, Vii, from 15 February to 7 may).

82. fun costumes, the craziest of visitors to Paris Manga 2019, the salon of the pop culture of the japanese, which every year welcomes lovers of comics, video games, web culture, but also the cosplay (Paris Expo Porte de Versailles, Xv, 16 to 17 February).

83. run at the Théâtre Marigny (Eighth) and Theatre Lepic (Xviii) – former Ciné XIII – which come from re-open it to see a wonderful adaptation of the Skin of an ass (until 17 February) in the first, and The Shadow of the whale , autobiography, intimate and poetic from Moby Dick , in the second (until 3 march).

84. Jumper around the performance of the Paris Battle Pro world championship hip-hop dance to the Seine music in front of a jury of Breakdancers (Boulogne Billancourt, 92, 23 February).

85. immerse yourself in Van Gogh’s work in the digital Workshop of the Enlightenment, which devotes after Klimt and Schiele, two programs to the painter of the netherlands (Eleventh, from February 22 to December 31).


86. to Take a shoot of the campaign at the Salon de l’agriculture wandering among the stalls of producers and breeders (Paris Expo Porte de Versailles, Xv, from 23 February to 3 march).

87. Knitting, sewing, weaving at the exhibition “Needle festival”, which brings together exhibitions of textile artists and workshops (embroidery, braiding, japanese, sewing at free point…) for the more gifted of their ten fingers (Parc des expositions, Fifteenth, from 7 to 10 march).

88. challenger during the semi-marathon and browse at his own pace for the 21.1 km that make up the race in the heart of the capital (march 10).

89. Make fun of the fantastical world of Jean-Paul Gaultier together in a show-like fashion magazine ( Fashion Freak show at the Folies Bergère in the Ninth, until 10 march).

90. Devour (of the eyes) the best of the young world cuisine at the lounge Omnivorous, which organizes dinners, master classes, workshops and demonstrations (Maison de la Mutualité, Fr, from 10 to 12 march).

91. marvel at the works of the most parisian of the japanese painters in the exhibition “Fujita, the work of a lifetime” at the House of culture of Japan (Fifteenth, from 16 January to 16 march).

92. Dreaming of the land of Ireland thanks to the Celtic Legends and their new show the Connemara Tour 2019 (At the Olympia, Ninth, from 15 to 17 march).

93. Think about Europe at the book fair which invited this year to the authors who participated by their works to the construction of the Union as well as authors from the member countries (Paris Expo Porte de Versailles, Xv, 15 to 18 march).

94. Move and keep in shape pouncing at the salon Body Fitness Paris Expo (Fifteenth), and to test the new trends and the latest sporting accessories (from 15 to 17 march).

95. Discover the Buddhas and Bodhisattva from Nara loaned exceptionally to the museum Guimet, a beautiful setting in light of the medieval sculpture of japan (Xvi, 23 January to 18 march).

96. Save the representation of The magic Flute and solve the curse of the legendary phantom of the Opera for an escape game to the Opera Garnier (IIe, until 17 march).

97. To make a canvas, to celebrate spring in front of a good movie-unique price: 4€ in all participating cinemas (Spring of cinema, 17, 18 and 19 march).

98. venturing into the small town of St. Petersburg on the banks of the Mississippi in the Nineteenth century, in the footsteps of Tom Sawyer and his friends, between lightning and a treasure hunt (Theatre Mogador, IXe, until 24 march).

99. Contribute to the recognition of the decorative arts with the exhibition “The Nabis and the decor”, first of its kind to showcase the work carried out by the group of the Nabis (Bonnard, Vuillard, Denis) who wished to abolish the frontier between Fine Arts and applied Arts (Musée du Luxembourg, Life, from 13 march to 30 June).

100. Dinner in a very slave in the wooden cabin of the Roch Hotel, with a menu executed by chef Rémy Bérerd and in an interior designed by the interior designer Sarah Poniatowski-Lavoine (I, until the end of march).


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