1● Cape Verde opens even more tourists

Since 1 January, citizens of 32 european countries, including France, are exempted from visa for stays of less than 30 days in Cape Verde. Travellers should, however, make a pre-registration on a dedicated website before their arrival. The visa fees are replaced by a charge of airport security of 3,400 escudos cape verdeans (30€), to be paid online or at the airport. A former Portuguese colony located 600 km off the coast of senegal, the archipelago owes its beauty to its volcanoes, its deserts, its lush vegetation, its mild climate and the intermarriage of his people.

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2● Bhutan, luxury travel in the country of happiness

At the heart of the Himalayan mountains, Bhutan is the country of the happiness of spirituality. To better enjoy this destination authentic and confidential, the Six Senses hotel group, known for its involvement in the sustainable development, opens five lodges, distributed among the capital Thimphu, Punakha, Gangtey, Bumthang and Paro. Each lodge serves as the starting point of an expedition, for example, in the glacial valley of Phobjikha or in the monasteries of the region of Bumthang.

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3● Santo Domingo, the first city of the New world

With its hotels steeped in history in the heart of its colonial district listed as world heritage by Unesco, and its all new, exciting and highly interactive Museum of the shipyards royal, the MAR, which tells the incredible tale of the conquistadors, the capital of the dominican Republic becomes a destination in itself. And not only a step of a cruise, or an excursion of a few hours for leisure travelers escaped from the beach. Colourful city where the dance drives the streets in a grid pattern, Saint-Domingue takes us back to the time of Christopher Columbus and the discovery of America. Founded in 1496, it is the oldest capital in the New world. A heritage as its people, capitaleños, know share.

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4● ● ● ● ● Jamaica reggae music

Still in the Caribbean, heading for Jamaica. Put on the front of the stage in the 70’s with the advent of reggae, the island subsequently fell gradually into oblivion. But it may well emerge from the shadows this year. The reggae, a musical style born on the Caribbean island of and popularized by Bob Marley, is listed on the intangible cultural heritage of the Unesco since November last year. An opportunity to explore its tropical forests and its culture, full of african influences, european and american.

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5● Qatar held its history

The Qatar national museum will open to the public on the 28th of march in Doha, the capital of the emirate. The building of 50.000 m2 in the form of a rose des sables has been designed by French architect Jean Nouvel, who also the museum of the Louvre Abu Dhabi (united arab Emirates). Works of -700 000 to our days parsèmeront the course of 2.7 kilometres. His vocation? Tell the story of the people of qatar, a nomadic people of Arabic which flourished on the shores of the Persian Gulf through fishing.

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6● Matera (Italy), european capital of culture

After The city of Valletta (Malta) and Leeuwarden (the netherlands) last year, it is the turn of Matera (Italy) and Plovdiv (Bulgaria) to take on the role of european capitals of culture. A contrast to Matera , a long time qualified as a “national shame” by the Italians. This village of the region of Basilicata, located 70 km from Bari, has long symbolized the economic crisis of the mid-Twentieth century. The village, known for its caves, its rock churches and cave houses, is classified by Unesco since 1993. The tourists will have to buy a passport from 19€ to take advantage of the 300 scheduled events (shows, workshops, exhibitions, lectures, public readings, etc.).

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7● Plovdiv (Bulgaria)

This is another european capital of culture , the country’s second city, located in Thrace region to 150 km from the capital Sofia. It is one of the most ancient cities in Europe, older even than Rome and Athens. The “city of 7 hills” would be inhabited since the 4th millennium before our era. It has been influenced successively by the Romans, the Slavs and the Ottomans.

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8● The Faroe islands closest to Paris

as Soon as this summer 2019, the Faroe islands do swill try to 2h45 flight to Paris. The company Atlantic Airways ‘ will launch on July 1 of direct flights between Paris CDG and Vágar. Three weekly flights will be operated until September, and then the line will operate with two flights per week until Christmas. The archipelago of 18 islands, autonomous province of Denmark, is a paradise for hikers fond of verticality, of silence and of rain (300 days per year!).

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9● Milan commemorates the 500 years of the disappearance of Leonard de Vinci

The mona lisa , The last Supper , The Vitruvian Man … These world famous works are the outputs of the spirit of Leonardo da Vinci. On the occasion of the 500 years of the death of the man who was at once artist, mathematician, architect, philosopher, or astronomer, many of the museums of Milan, pays tribute to her. The Sala delle Asse in the Sforza castle, decorated by the artist, will be reopened for the occasion. Exhibitions are also planned in Florence, capital of Tuscany, a region which has seen the birth of a Vinci. Paris paid tribute to him in turn through an exhibition at the Louvre museum planned for the fall.

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10● Havana is celebrating the 500 years of its foundation.

In The streets of Havana, incessant reminders to the cuban revolution. Jean-Christophe MARMARA/Le Figaro

On November 16, 2019, the cuban capital will be precisely half a millennium. Frozen in time, criss-crossed by old american cars and colourful city of two million inhabitants has surprises in store at every street corner. There is for instance a chinatown without Chinese, a museum dedicated to Napoleon and a colonial palace that houses the French Union. Another anniversary, this time in the country: 60 years of the takeover of Fidel Castro. The new cuban president, elected last year, intends to accelerate the political transition in the country by putting an end to the castro regime. Suffice to say that Cuba will open up more to the world and to tourists. The island has welcomed 4.5 million in 2017.

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11● Japan to the rhythm of the rugby

From 20 September to 2 November, the Japan will vibrate to the rhythm of the melees. Tokyo, Kyoto, Sapporo, Hiroshima… the Twelve host cities will host the competitions of the rugby world Cup. The opportunity to take advantage (also) of the incredible diversity of the country of the rising Sun, between its bustling capital, its ski slopes on the flank of the volcano, its tropical beaches and its paths are imbued with spirituality. The national tourism office of japan has recently launched a promotional campaign unprecedented for the “change the image of the country”. Objective: attract more tourists, especially the French, who represent only 1% of visitors. On the political front, 2019 will mark the end of the reign of emperor Akihito, age 85 years, who will abdicate on April 30.

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12● The Normandy and its gastronomy, its history and its ships

And in France, what region does it (re)discover in 2019? Answer: the Normandy. It is one of the world’s 10 regions to visit this year, according to Lonely Planet. A destination that will appeal to both gourmands (the travel guide boasts “seafood, creamy cheeses and ciders”) to history buffs. The 75th anniversary of the Landing (D-Day) is the opportunity to visit the places where was written the Story, such as the beach and the memorial museum of Omaha Beach. Lonely Planet also mentions the Armada, a grand rendez-vous of yachts and ships held for seven years in June in the port of Rouen.

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