In the ranking of INRIX, the rate of congestion is measured as a function of the average time spent by each motorist in the caps, by city and year-on-year 2017. According to this annual study, the largest metropolitan of bottled Los Angeles, where each driver has spent on average 102 hours stuck in traffic. The second place is shared by Moscow and New York, where motorists remained 91 hours in traffic in 2017. In relation to the number of days worked per year, on a basis of 300 days per year, this means that every motorist in Los Angeles has spent an average of 20 minutes per day in traffic.

The third place goes to Sao Paulo (86 hours), followed by San Francisco (79 hours) and Bogota (75 hours). London, which arrives in sixth position with 74 hours of traffic jams, above Atlanta (70 Hours). The French capital is in eighth place, with 69 hours of the plugs by a motorist. The result of the classification is the following: Miami (64 hours), Bangkok (64 hours), Jakarta (63 hours), Washington (63 hours) and Boston (60 hours). The twelfth and last place went to Istanbul (59 hours).

We note that Paris is far from being the worst place to move, and that many Americans are significantly less well-off. The other hand, these figures may give an want to turn the back to the large cities crowded and to take off, in the direction of the campaign.

The Ranking of the INRIX

1/ Los Angeles

2/ Moscow – New York

3/ Sao Paulo

4/ San Francisco

5/ Bogota

6/ London

7/ Atlanta

8/ Paris

9/ Miami – Bangkok

10/ Jakarta – Washington

11/ Boston

12/ Istanbul


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