the momentum of the Brach Hotel just opened in the Sixteenth arrondissement, Philippe Starck sign already in another address, more intimate, in the Marais. As the modern tower of the postal sorting of the 1970s inspired him with a desire of verticality and African tribal revisited, as the small building to the Art deco façade of 1925 sparked in him the idea of a candy box yellow layette. Even if one does not get tired, Starck persist and sign, with a compilation of copied and pasted.

The façade of 1925

So it passed unnoticed when the offices of the BHV occupied the building, in the years 1990-2013, the beautiful façade of the architect Georges Pradelle, now restored, resumes its historical dimension. On six floors, the narrow building displays all the charm modernist Art deco, with its central column of bay windows in advanced and large glass windows on the sides. Clear lines no clutter, no frills unnecessary. However, we note an entry in the arcade as a reference in Latin or eastern.


It is precisely this game of arcades, which comes back as a gimmick in the lounges and the lobby, dividing the ground floor into different spaces cozy. Apart from the listed façade, the old shop of hats has been deboned and reconstructed in the boutique hotel of 29 guest rooms (from 450€) including three suites. Here, Starck uses plenty of brass to highlight the arches and the furniture as well as the oak clear as a safe value. The sofas and the cushions are drawn, as the fresco is suspended, by Ara Starck. Of black and white portraits of pretty women in the first names of actresses actresses of the cinema of yesteryear, Eva, Valentine, Viviane, Lucienne… are sprinkled on the mirror, suggesting a retro world between the two world wars.

The tea-time at any time

Everywhere, you can ask from 7am to 1am to enjoy a pastry of Yann Couvreur (installed in the next-door neighbor) accompanied by a tea-mariage Frères (22€ formula), or to eat a tartar (28€) or a risotto (22€).

Cocktails at the bar

Nico De Soto, head bartender, has composed a map of the nine cocktails “female” (from 18€) with a base of violet, rose and jasmine infused. Open from 17h to 1h, the Confidence is the living heart of this new destination in paris.

Hotel 9Confidentiel, 58, rue du Roi-de-Sicile (IVe). Tel.: 01 86 90 23 33. Double room from 450€.


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