Art and history

behind-the-scenes of the Louvre, climb the grand staircase of the Garnier Opera or embark on the traces of the Grail, the games escape the historical allow you to educate while entertaining.

INSIDE OPERA. The mission that you entrust the Palais Garnier is of the utmost importance: put an end to the curse of the phantom of the Opera.

The principle. The famous ghost that regularly haunts the places he robbed a few notes of the score that must be played the same evening. Without your help, the representation will be cancelled. By visiting the most emblematic places in the building (the avant foyer, the grand staircase, the gallery and the salon du Glacier,…), you solve puzzles that will tell you the notes missing. Throughout the course, actors dressed in period helps you silently navigate between false paths and deceptions to fill the musical staff.

Our opinion. is A escape game a bit difficult where the puzzles sometimes give a hard time. However, the wanderings in this prestigious location that is the Opera Garnier remain magical.

Palais Garnier. Place de l’opéra (IIe). Price: adult 28 €, children (4 to 14 years old) 22 €. Res.:

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PROJECT EXODUS AT THE LOUVRE MUSEUM. This is not one, but three escape games that await you in the largest museum in the world.

The project Exodus at the musée du Louvre (Ier). Anima Agent Playful

The principle. During the Second world War, some of the works that have been hidden, have not resumed their place in the halls of the building. It is said that it is necessary to gain access to the door of the time to recover. Exploring the Richelieu wing, and in particular the rooms of flemish and Dutch painting of the Seventeenth century, and then the department of oriental antiquities, you must collect clues to advance through the puzzles. Documents are delivered to you at the beginning of the game and a comedian remains at your side to refer you if necessary. Then you can find the information that will allow you to continue the adventure in the 2nd pane planned for next summer.

Our opinion. A feast for the art lovers who visit theatres less known to the museum. The discreet and timely manner of the coach is a real plus.

Musée du Louvre. Rue de Rivoli (Ier). For 2 to 6 players. Rate: 110 € from 3 to 6 participants, duo package at 80 €.

THE DUNGEON OF THE BASTILLE. two-not of the Republic, a dive in a dungeon of the kingship.

The principle. In the beginning of the Eighteenth century, it is not good to speak out against the absolute monarch at the risk of being accused of lèse-majesté, embastillé, and sentenced to death. In sixty short minutes, you balancerez at the end of a rope. Unless…

Our opinion. The magnificent vaulted cellar where you égaierez is totally believable, as is the scenery. Chain, shackle, padlock… No anachronism pointed out, if this may not be this massive guillotine! A lot of manipulations in the program. Chained to each other, you’ll need a good dose of coordination…

Gamescape. 17, rue de la Pierre-Levée (Xi). From 19 to 29 € per person.

ARTHUR: THE QUEST for THE holy GRAIL. The precious chalice has been extorted from the king. Knights of the round Table, it is necessary to find to achieve peace.

The principle. The army has been attacked, Arthur is distraught, Guinevere is in great danger. In the medieval castle, it is necessary to dig the meninges to solve mysterious puzzles. The strategy and group cohesion are essential to mark the history.

Our opinion. Decor, medieval, epic soundtrack, arthurian legend… The spirit of conquest of the participants animates instantly. The adventure of the intermediate level is full of hiding places unsuspected, manipulation, and various exercises, but complex. Merlin is not there, the elements of the quest are far from appear as if by magic.

Victory Escape Game. 37, rue des Gravilliers (IIIe). From 24 to 32 €.

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treasure Hunting, plane crash, bank robbery… it’s All right to embed the player in the escape games adventure.

A escape game version virtual at la Villette. Buzzman_Productman

THE CURSE OF the CORSAIR. One of the four escape games VR proposed by Illucity, the new adventure park in virtual reality of the Villette.

The principle. Four players find themselves trapped in the wreck of a galleon is haunted by the ghost of Robert the Privateer. To hope to escape, he must find the famous treasure. Harnessed to a sort of backpack, with a microphone (essential for communicating), equipped with a helmet over the ears, a mask over his eyes and a joystick in each hand, the participants try to solve a number of puzzles by moving to the inside of the hold of the ship.

Our opinion. The game is much like that of an escape game for real. For more realism, music and special effects (floor vibration and wind tunnel simulating the wind sailor) accompany the party. Immediate Immersion and crazy laughter guaranteed at the time to choose an avatar! Preferable for a first experience with breakout game in virtual reality.

Illucity, parvis de la Cité des sciences. 32, avenue Corentin-Cariou (Xix). Price: 30€ per person. Reservation is recommended.

TURNING TO THE FRENCH. We are guided here by Max, ugly respected in the community and brain of an operation – apparently, the heist of the century, that is-what could miss? – of which you are running.

The principle. A bank. The office of the director. A vault sheltered behind the thick door, circular, copper, and steel clad, which is reminiscent of the one that watch over the strong-rooms of the historic headquarters of the Company general. Of course, it will be necessary to enter. Of course, the hardest part will be out…

Our opinion. A room of chests more true that nature and a slow voltage rise… up to the panic! A bonus non-trivial: there are two rooms that are identical, allowing a large family or a large group of 10 friends to attempt, simultaneously, to break the bank.

The Game, 51, rue du Cardinal Lemoine (Ve). Price: 96 € (3 players) to $ 125(5 players).

The aircraft in The Game (Ve). The Game

The PLANE. Prevent the aircraft in which you took place to crash.

The principle. Ticket in hand, passengers are preparing to fly to London on board a Airbus A320. Fasten your seat belts and listen to the safety instructions, the plane will take off! In the comforting words, the tension mounts. Guaranteed thrills for the passengers…

Our opinion. The decor is stunning and the immersion. With a good coordination of your team, the puzzles fit together. A good balance between the excavation, observation, and reflection. Let you board!

The Game. 51, rue du Cardinal Lemoine (Ve). 3 to 5 players. From 96 to 125 €.

THE TREASURE OF BARBAROSSA. In Puteaux, in the holds of ships are full or the goods or products of the fishing, but… puzzles of all kinds.

The principle. Parents and especially children are invited to dig the meninges, to explore, to excavate, in brief, enable to find the treasure of the famous pirate. Objects carefully selected and placed, wooden / parquet floor, soft lighting and background noise… Yes, the immersion in the pirates of the Sixteenth century is perfect. Suspense guaranteed from the beginning of the adventure.

Our opinion. An animation is very nice, conducted by two true actors that guide the small filibusters between 5 and 10 years on the right tracks. A presence – reassuring for parents – allowing hackers-facilitators to adapt the flow of the game. Smooth or fright depending on the age of the players!

Escape Game Adventure. 2 bis, rue Bernard-Palissy, Puteaux (92). Rates: 110 € for 5 pers. (20 € supp./pers., adult compulsory).


With zombies, mad scientists, ruthless desperados of the Wild West or the serial killer in liberty, Parisians love to be scared… They are going to be served!

THE BUNKER ZOMBIE. If the practice of the escape game is a priori not recommended for claustrophobics, it is really to ban.

The principle. Locked behind thick walls of steel in the dark and flashing, and rusted a bunker Russian, you are loaded – guess what? – to save the world. Outside, a pandemic brings the world to blood and fire, the men change themselves into zombies. Besides, wouldn’t it be the ones who scrape their nails grimy behind the heavy metal doors? The only way out, a wave track, antidote. But you will have to first find the professor Kolikov…

Our opinion. A superb décor, a scientist (mad) determination of excavation, enigma and handling, a total immersion, to dive in with both feet into a junk movie, series B.

Team Time. 26, rue Richer (IXe). Of 90 € to 120 €.

WANTED. here You are propelled (we won’t tell you how) in the middle of the Nineteenth century, in a small village in the Far West.

The principle. You must investigate a series of murders. But, down here, unfortunately you are not alone. In this corner, lost to the west of the Pecos, the morals of the natives are rough, oral hygiene non-existent and triggers, sensitive.

Our opinion. Curt, inveighed, terrorized by actors – excellent and to the left broadside -on, it would be hard to carry out the mission (which is not easy): we think above all to save his own skin!

The Manor of Paris. 18, rue de Paradis (Xe). Of 74 € to 92 €. Not accessible to pregnant women and people with heart problems.

THE LIVE THRILLER. A criminal investigation larp with actors, inside and outside.

principle . A serial killer is rampant in Paris. At the scene, the bodies of the missing are replaced by mannequins. The inspector Nils and his partner Gambale need help to resolve the investigation. During 2 hours, the budding detectives go on the trail of the psychopath in the Eighteenth: puzzles, manipulation, interactions with the characters, multiple trips.

Our opinion . In this game, the adrenalin is always at its maximum. An escape game? It’s a term well simplistic as it is transcended. The actors are terribly gifted. The backgrounds are teeming with detail. Theatre immersive, inspired video games (for alternative) and movies of Fincher… An excellent thriller which you are the hero. To do at night to exacerbate the sensations. We found no equivalent.

In the Eighteenth (address provided after registration). Rates: from 49 € (group of 6) to 95 € (group of 2) per person. Minimum 18 years of age. From the age of 16 with accompanying.

Mafia District Team Time (IX (e). Team Time

MAFIA DISTRICT. Little brother of the bunker zombie, this second escape game from Team Time has absolutely nothing to do with his younger brother. Except, perhaps, the lighting failed…

The principle. all in All, was it really a good idea to upset a baron of the mafia-colombian? You here is a bag made of jute on the face, prisoner of a gloomy basement, a reduced particularly oppressive. The puzzles to solve are all the same and you will get out of your comfort zone.

Our opinion. Few searches in this setting of the gaol, stripped, on the other hand a lot of manipulations and puzzles of a very relieved – you’re in one of the escape games the hardest of Paris. With, as a bonus, a surprise guest may be a little more up the tension…

Team Time. 26, rue Richer (IXe). Of 90 € to 120 €.


The wonderful world of Alice, the magic school of sorcerers, the disappearance is unusual in the cat of Mother Michel… All the ingredients for a magical escape and fantasy are there.

IT WAS A ROOM. get Out of the office of Lewis Carroll as soon as possible by solving the puzzles left by the author and bypassing the traps of the rabbit late.

The principle. Among the first to escape games to open in Paris in 2014 and renovated in the last year, “He was a piece” is based on the philosophical tale The Adventures of Alice in wonderland. In the office of the famous English author of the Nineteenth century, hiding places, doors dérobesa, indices wacky will put you on the path to get out in time to the lair of the father of Alice or stay there forever.

Our opinion. Of the decorations cared for, a setting well-researched and full of twists and turns in which the game master is present and helping but knows how to be discreet. The game is designed for intermediate levels confirmed to solve puzzles sometimes complex. We leave the office returned after having searched the room from top to bottom. Jubilant!

The Play, 3, rue de Metz (Xe). 3 to 5 players from 25 €. Tel.: 01 42 46 37 62.

” GAME-CONTEST – Try to win a part of It was a piece on the accounts for Facebook, Twitter or Instagram in the Figaroscope.

Puzzles and old books of spells to the Magic School (92). Team Break

Entering the castle of the dark Mage Pedro, and discover the magic formula to save the world in a limited time.

The principle. In real witches that respect, the mission starts with a password, and the black cape to put on. The puzzles are many and varied in scenery highly inspired by the epic story of the famous sorcerer, to small, round glasses. Train, magic wands, spellbooks, potions… lead you in the world of magic.

Our opinion. welcome to Corporal Hannibal, who puts you immediately in the mood. Its little tips distilled with a sense of humor throughout the course of the game are welcome. There are two rooms Magic School. To 12 participants, it is better to invest the two.

Magic School. Team Break. 2, place de la Défense. Puteaux (92). 4 to 12 wizards. From 19 to 28 € per pers.

The cat of the famous Mother Michel has disappeared. Desperate, she uses a team of detectives to conduct the investigation.

The principle. The escape game family results in big and small at the Father Lustucru in search of clues to find the cat. Sense of observation, logic and organization, but also search thorough and rigorous, you will progress and discover what’s happening at the neighbors of the Mother Michel.

Our opinion. A family adventure where everyone – grandparents, parents, children – has its place. Lovers of large and small twinks will be in heaven when they have succeeded in their mission.

Escape-kid. 5 bis, rue Emile-Go (Xvii). 90 € (from 3 to 6 players).


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