Greece / Yaya Secrétan

The place. as The Cyclades close to the Buttes-Chaumont? Such is the atmosphere in the summer, so have managed to summon Juan Arbelaez and brothers Chantzios (olive oil Kalios) in their second table of the Greek. After the docks de Saint-Ouen (93), it is the history of the halle Secrétan, a former covered market, built by Baltard, they were dressed in blue, white, light wood, rope, straw, and other olive tree, located in the heart of the vast and bright room on two floors.

The plate. The hyperactive tv-chef of colombian origin (Plantxa, Vida, Frou-frou…) has devised a different proposal to that of Saint-Ouen. Point pitas here, but always around a very “qualified” to share: calamari a la plancha ultra based with tarama sauce, green onions and pickles ; tiropita (puff pastry) cheese, pistachios, nuts and honey ; briam vegetables (gratin with feta cheese)… To be followed by dishes as well as in the village “: lamb kleftiko, cod a la plancha and chick-pea casserole xilopitaki to gambas, …

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