At the same time simple, invigorating, and comforting, the baked onion is inseparable from the Halles district. If its origin is not dated, and that Lyon is in dispute the paternity to the capital, it is the turn of the Twentieth century that it became popular, associated with a nighttime power consumption around the Belly of Paris. Night birds and workers of the dawn – butchers, pork butchers, market-gardeners and other “strong” employees at the market – end up to 4 or 5 in the morning around this flat little expensive, smoky and delicious, it is history to regain your strength before you go churn… or fold. Today very popular place for tourists, it is displayed on the slate of the many bistros and brasseries typically parigots, but also makes her grand return to the tables to the mode. It inspires even the michelin-starred chefs, who revisits in dressings and textures that are sophisticated, to the point of making dishes, signatures, Christian Le Squer (the Five), Alain Passard (l’arpège) by the way …

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