May 2017, a few days before the election of Emmanuel Macron. At number 37 the avenue Trudaine (Paris IXe), a thirty-something bearded man in his shirt – a thousand apologies for this cliché-yet true – smokes a cigarette in the courtyard of an old elementary school. A black cow metallic-size-actual throne in the middle of the space. Is this a sacred cow, like the Gao Mata indian? No! But the coworkers “dispatched” in the work spaces all around the court, they are! They are sacred. Cajoled. Pampering time. And this, increasingly since the birth of the coworker he has fifteen years on american soil. Since then, the profile of worker nomad has created a business global.

The market of coworking is in full swing. In France, it has increased by 80 % just between 2016 and 2017! The sites of shared work are currently present in over 700 locations across France, according to a recent study by Cushman & Wakefield. In the capital, the spaces of coworking bloom by the dozens, towers, windows of the Defence to the edges of the canal Saint-Martin, in passing through the latin Quarter.

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These workspaces, hybrid, halfway between an open space to traditional, a cosy lounge and a store of scandinavian-style décor, welcome each day thousands of workers of different profiles: a start-up company of ten people to become met thus of autoentrepreneurs who want to escape the solitude of their apartment or the team “innovation” of a large group…

All, however, have a common goal: they seek to work efficiently and effectively, in a place exotic that inspires! After that, it all depends on the size and means. The gigantic building of nine storeys with roof terraces and 360-degree views of the capital in the small space of just 100 square meters with a charm similar to that of the bistro of yesteryear.

Morning Coworking at the canal Saint-Martin

Difficult to find more likely. Morning Coworking (entity in the group Offices to Share) has opened more than twenty areas in the capital and has just joined to Nexity. In the new school year 2018, the group is installed in a building on the Art deco charm of eight floors. The location, it doesn’t lack style: the golden triangle of the Paris trendy, between the canal Saint Martin and the metro Jacques-Bonsergent and republique. We enter into a huge entrance hall with bar, a sublime room “commune” with armchairs, wicker, other in velvet. The atmosphere is warm. The decor is both opulent and casual. Before taking the elevator, you go through a mini-basketball court. On the ground, one can read: “If you miss, no elevator.” What pressure! A fortiori, if it is to climb eight floors to feet… to the “attic” where we can organize events with a breathtaking view of Paris. Who is there in the story? Of the customers to the image of the place, of course. The start-up that wants to eradicate food waste “Too Good To Go”, for example, the site Konbini, or even the French employees of the scooters, self-service, american Lime! We like: the charm of the place and its relaxed, its natural. We like least: not the “true” terrace on the last floor. Shame!

Morning Coworking Republic. 2, rue Dieu (Xe). Open 24/24.

The Office, a place design The Office (Viii). The Socialite Family

Nothing more boring than offices to “startuppeurs” bolted to their seat, eating burgers and playing table football. In creating The Office, Rasmus and his partner Laurent Geneslay (ex-trader) wanted to create the antithesis of this scheme. On 2 700 m2, they offer work spaces ultraconnectés, in a part of life “as pleasant as possible”. The module is open space to individual offices, businesses can host up to fourteen persons. A limited quota to encourage conviviality. The woodwork, walls and bass traps storage in oak as well as the furniture design vintage or re-released are a comfortable functional and stylish. Among the services offered, or paid, concierge, dry cleaning, wine-tasting, “conversations” is a monthly animated by Thomas Erber (next APPOINTMENT on the 19th march on the theme of responsible travel) between writers, philosophers and saviors of the planet… that remake the world. In short, everything can contribute to the “happiness” of the members, who may invite non-members to lunch or dinner in the large bright room on the ground floor. The gym and yoga studio, boutique accessories connected and engaged in clashes photographic complete the offer. A second location has opened at 16, cours Albert-Ier, including a coffee shop, a selection of salads and a beauty salon how to stay chic at any time!

The Office. 28, cours Albert-Ier (Viii).

WeWork, class american WeWork (XIII). SÉBASTIEN SORIANO/Le Figaro

For the opening of its fifth area of paris, the american giant wanted to give the vertigo. Literally, since the 20,000 square meters which just opened at two steps from the Austerlitz train station – between the Seine and the Station F – are spread over nine floors around a giant patio. Terraces, views of the divine Paris, furniture archi-chic design signed Adam Kimmel… The “paw” WeWork is there. And it impresses once more. Nothing goes in this space bright and totally through almost all of the walls, from top to bottom, are glass. Ditto for the elevators, transparent also. On the 8th floor, a large lounge area with draught beers IPA self-service is occupied by a cosmonaut and a triumphal arch… in neon colors. In the middle of the room, a huge marble table is covered with cakes and fruit. The building can accommodate up to 3400 members… The innovation team of the Carrefour group, for example, is already installed, just like Invivo, the first agricultural co-operative group French. The place has also caught the eye of the Caisse des dépôts, which has reserved its space. Fun fact, which proves that the place please: the financial institution has, however, the premises located… right across the street! We like: the excess! We like least: to quibble, one side a bit “stuffy”, almost “too” chic.

WeWork. 198, avenue de France (Thirteenth century).

located nextdoor, the working girl, located nextdoor to Issy-les-Moulineaux (92) Next Door

Efficiency and user-friendliness. Difficult, in France, to speak of coworking without evoking located nextdoor. The Bouygues group real Estate has ability to see the trend and focused on the business districts of paris: in the heart of la Défense, gare de Lyon, Saint-Lazare, Champs-Elysées… and Issy-les-Moulineaux, where the space is located nextdoor Issy Village has an intimate knowledge of the great towers of glass from Microsoft, and the hotel group Accor, with which it is associated. It is also the first open space by Bouygues at the beginning of the summer of 2015. It was very quickly sold out and has now been enlarged to 5 000 m2. Since, located nextdoor provides for 80 openings in France and in Europe by 2025, and a community of 90,000 residents. The recipe located nextdoor, “business humanizer”, on the other hand, has not changed an inch. Issy Village is a paragon of the genre: the efficiency, at any point of view. Spaces removable, different moods and the feeling of being on a true “campus”, with a large garden! The work culture, she, like the Club Med. At the village, the teams located nextdoor are all for residents to meet, share time together, despite their respective activities in order to cause the spark that will create a close-knit community. We like: the activities organized for the community. We like least: a place to be effective for the business, but lacks a bit of charm.

located nextdoor Issy Village. 41-43, rue Camille-Desmoulins, Issy-les-Moulineaux (92).

Kwerk, the well-being in the office Kwerk (VIII e). xxx

Forget the discomfort of the open space. Here, it arises where one wants to on a sofa or, if you prefer, in a suite (from 1 to 5 people), glazed and soundproofed, with a minicuisine equipped kitchen on each floor, booths for meditation and a nap. Tree-lined terraces, reading spaces… everything is provided for these assets which can come in 7 days on 7, with a simple badge. Welcome to the world artistic-innovative of Albert Angel, architect and designer – globe-trotter-lingual, installed between New York and South Africa, and of Lawrence Knights, contractor franco-English. The duo has already opened four places in paris atypical (Boulogne, la Défense, Haussmann and Charity). The building of 2200 m2 in the street of the Charity is halfway between a showroom of deco, with its furnishings ultradesign, with its walls of coloured cork, and the Great evolution Gallery of the natural history Museum, with its display cases enclosing the casts of elephants, giraffes and ostriches. The whole area is visually spectacular. At Kwerk, it also ensures the well-being of the members. The yoga room, vegetated with kokedama (hanging plants from the ceiling) allows you to relax when the need arises. You can also practice meditation, the gym or the boxing.

Kwerk. 44-46, rue de la bienfaisance (Viii).

Cloud Cafe Cloud Cafe (V-e). Cloud Coffee

a few steps from the Pantheon, the “coffee adventurers” mobile offers a wide selection of beverages prepared by a barista, a self-service kitchen and even a relaxing space to experiment in socks.

Cloud Coffee. 14, rue des Carmes (Ve).


This hybrid facility hosts a concept store, a hair salon barber as well as a space of 400 m2 of “coolworking” with rooms theme: ambiance mini-private theatre in the “black-box” and immersion museum in the “Redrum”.

Icon. Esplanade de la Défense, Puteaux (92).

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The Hive

It comprises an area of 3200 m2, a terrace of 220 m2, a nap room and a limited access to coffees and teas. She is current with her second address in the heart of the Big Neighbours (Xiv), in the former hospital Saint-Vincent-de-Paul.

The Hive. 24, street of the East (Xx).

Anticafé to the Station F

In this cafe is not like the others devoted to work, we do not pay his bill but his time spent on the premises. As well, the first time, you will be able to consume as much coffee as you want and have access to the fridge in self-service for just € 5.

Anticafé to the Station F. 55, bd Vincent-Auriol (Thirteenth century).


Small originality in Paris, Volumes offers in addition to its coworking space as a Foodlab: a shared kitchen at the destination of the micro-entrepreneurs of the cuisine, which develop their project, with storage spaces and workshops.

Volumes. 78, rue Compans (Xix).

The Gym

In front of the Aligre market, the Gym offers 75 workstations, 4 meeting rooms and a cellar, “sports” with table football and a punching-ball. This former industrial building is surmounted by a terrace of 200 m2 for working outside, as soon as the first rays of the sun.

The Gym. 8, rue de Candie (Xi).


Named after the cat in Alice in wonderland this place has been designed by the decorator Jessica Venancio as “a real home”. Work space but also deposit-sale of craft and design, you will be able to, after a day of work, leave with an item of decoration!

The Cheshire. 14, rue Bausset (Xv).

The Bubble-Left Bank Coworking

Located just a stone’s throw from the Seine river, in the triangle-Odeon – Saint-Michel – pont-Neuf Bridge, this space of 100 m2 offers a dozen places to work, a meeting room, a convivial kitchen and a chat room. The building dating back to 1672 with beams and exposed stone walls give the place an intimate and warm.

Bubble-Left Bank Coworking. 9, rue de Savoie (Life).


In the “factory district”, architects, contractors and designers can be found in the Fablab (“fabrication laboratory”) of the association. Prototyping, design objects, projects are carried out with the laser printers, cutting machines, vinyl and tools, the wood workshop and electronic. Woma also offers a package nomad for those who want to occasionally use their machines.

Woma. 15 bis, rue Léon-Giraud (Xix).

10: 10am

wallpaper seventies, chairs, Formica, kitchens, and free access with refrigerator Smeg and crannies cozy, the self-proclaimed “coolest coworking cafes,” recalls house, “but better”. Payment for time spent, without reservation, coaching, networking and events (exhibition, tasting, DJ set etc) proposed on-site.

10: 10am. 19, rue de Clery (IIe) and 210, rue Saint-Martin (Third).


Notice to lovers of coffee: Hubsy roasts its own arabica, served by baristas trained. Drinks and buffet are included: you only pay for the time spent on site (5 € the first hour, without a reservation). Printer Wi-Fi available, meeting rooms, and maintenance on the reservation.

Hubsy. Republic (Xe), Arts-et-Métiers (Iii) and Saint-Lazare (IXe, as early as 26 feb. 2019).


Why the work isshould it necessarily mean inactivity? In Närma-re, we offer you to work standing up (with tables height-adjustable), to pedal in working (with the “bike offices” that your efforts provide the current) and to complement this dynamic “warm-up” by crosstraining every Tuesday evening at 19 h.

Närma-re. 34-36, rue du Château-d’eau (Xe).


The stamp and the effectiveness! If the layout and distribution of space are very classic: open space and private offices, facilities, and standards for traditional activities. On the other hand, the framework is out of the ordinary: the gorgeous exposed beams with ceramic make of the space Floor-d’antin an exceptional place. The street space Blue, with a ceiling height impressive, is just as important.

Mozaïk. 9, rue Bleue (IXe).


about 800 m2 spread over three levels, this place is a warm wish that prides itself also on its website to be the space of work “the most peaceful of France”. It is what it is! In the ranking of spaces atypical, it could also claim a podium… On the inside, one has the impression of being in the open air: ceiling of 7 m height and meeting rooms that look like huts at the bottom of the garden.

Greenspace. 28, rue du Chemin-Vert (Xi).

The Office

It is in this space of 150 m2 on two levels-that of work and relaxation come together perfectly. On the ground floor, the atmosphere studious with the space standard and premium tastefully furnished. As for the basement, we will make it exclusively for a moment of relaxation and well-being. The installation of showers is sensible: there’s nothing like a break by going for a run in Luxembourg before returning to his professional activity.

The Office. 19, rue Claude-Bernard (Ve).

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