Julia Sedefdjian, 24 years old

The head. The first time she did speak, it was in 2016. Then to the head, in the last few months, from the kitchens of la Fontaine’s Fables, she became, at age 21, the youngest star of France. She entered the rue Saint-Dominique as clerk for 18 years, through Pôle emploi, freshly landed Nice double CAPE cuisine and pastry in the pocket. A few years later, the (always) young woman who has carved out a prominent place in the culinary landscape of the capital.

restaurants. in Early 2018, Julia Sedefdjian opens its own address, Baieta, in a nod to its origins in the mediterranean. In a chic décor and contemporary light wood, she revisits her recipes to childhood by customizing the tastes, textures and dressings: “go to bouillabaieta”, aioli in place of the yellow and its small vegetables, octopus confit, gnocchi of sweet potato and emulsion of small edible crabs… A kitchen precisely and sunny, already hailed as a first star …

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