his real name is Alexis Gabriel Aïnouz, is also said to Alex the French Guy, or Alex for short, is the creator and host of the YouTube channel Alex French Guy Cooking has become in less than five years an international star of the kitchen “made in France” on the social networks. Success due not to his science – he is a chef amateur self-taught – but his enthusiasm, his essential look at Zebulon, his humor, his delicious accent frenchie (the string is in English to be seen and understood in the whole world), and – above all – his sense of uninhibited of the stage. A faculty that enables him to engage in the preparation of a recipe or a turn of the hand without knowing anything at the start.

Because, under its airs of professor calculus falsely in the moon, this computer engineer for 34 years and a marketing professional has borrowed to its peers, anglo-saxon a way of décoiffer learning to cook, taking his scientific mind to break down the gesture, but also the …

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