For the first time a label and internet site references the home family in palaces. What of the giants of holiday accommodation, such as Club Med, have understood this for years, the luxury hotel has apparently put a lot of time to integrate it. The host family around the children in schools four, five star and palace are often an exception. By choice too, as the luxury hotels do not like to expose his clientele to the turbulence of the little darlings, even sometimes going so far as to prohibit the entry of a swimming pool for small children.

in other institutions have made decisions to the contrary, but felt helpless to build a credible offers. So much so that the client family is changing. “It creates a family later, focusing first professional success, which gives more financial support to the young parents,” notes Jérôme Stéfanski, a thirty-year-old belgian undertaking and also a young dad, who has launched the new label “The Little Guest Collection Hotel”, otherwise known as “Little Guest”.

A home dedicated to under 12 years of age

The aim is twofold, on the client side, bringing together all the family offer in the luxury hotel industry and hotels, assist in the establishment of a home dedicated to the children up to 12 years. “The parents lost a lot of time looking for a hotel that offers a real benefit to the children and the hoteliers were often left alone to come up with something suitable. A candy and a pat on the cheek does not constitute a policy of home child”, explains Jérôme Stéfanski, who selected the to present the exclusive label.

Of the children at the party LG

“We n’ not impose a scenario, but we strongly recommend it, all the addresses labeled are visited by our teams that know each place and therefore can provide answers very custom”. As well as the internet site that references the premises, a team of eight caretakers to personalize each request, either by email or by phone.

Evidence of the lack of and need created, the label, still in its launch phase, a score of destinations, deals already a 1,000 reservations per month. “We intend to expand our offering to 40 additional hotels every year, but we do not want to exceed more than 350 locations for storage in the label of any of its exclusivity,” says the boss, “the Little Guest”.

A partnership with Samsonite

It is not enough not to make application to join the label, but above all to offer a child a serious. It does not, moreover, subject to a surcharge rates for the customer.

120 hotels are to this day labeled and not least, as the Sacher in Vienna, the Selman in Marrakech, the Ikos to Corfu town or the Shangri-La in Paris of which we have tested in the home “family”.

While the world mobilizes for the little darlings… here at the hotel Sacher in Vienna Little Guest

on The eve of our arrival, “the Little Guest” we sent it to our home a suitcase kid Samsonite, the famous brand created specially. Custom, the object reminds of a small zebra, and contains in the interior of the attentions to the child: mister travel, “power bank” to recharge their smartphone, gel, bubble bath, postcard colouring book to send to friends…

on Arrival in the sumptuous lobby, which is one of the eleven palaces of the capital, the child is greeted personally by their first name. Follows a succession of surprises, like a teepee in the room, of small shoes in his size, a Polo Shangri-La embroidered with their first name, of product-specific home and the inflated balloons of oxygen. In the sumptuous swimming pool of the hotel, supported by a master dedicated swimmer is provided with fins, snorkel, ball, buoys, armbands… to The spa, a special care for the child adds to the panoply of offerings.

A passport said to Bamboo, that the child is to validate a stamp at each stage of his stay in the hotel, allows him to punctuate his journey in this world of luxury. A well-tied to the address of a customer rather posh with a caveat, however… that this rain of privileges does not transform the child-king in… child who is too spoiled.

The Little Guest Hotels Collection

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