163.375: this is the number of restaurants in the world serving pancakes surveyed by the website TripAdvisor. Among them, nearly 30% are located in France, more than 6000 in Paris. The capital concentrates more than the United Kingdom (3000), and Japan (800) combined. Historically located around the gare Montparnasse, the crêperies have driven in many other parisian neighborhoods, dust-often the kind, to the Batignolles (Brutus) or Republic (Krügen, Brittany, Kasha). Melbourne to Rio, the disk with the buckwheat flour or wheat is taken out of the kitchens family in brittany, where he would be born in the Thirteenth century, to gain a foothold in the four corners of the globe.

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Proof is in the pancakes appear on the map of more than 250 establishments in Tokyo, according to the website of recommendations on tourism. But in 1996, when Bertrand Larcher landed, no trace of bilig on the horizon. “After my experience of eight years in Switzerland, I followed my japanese wife in his own country. I felt ready to become an entrepreneur,” says the founder of Breizh Café. It now has about a dozen tables in France (Paris, France, Cancale, Saint-Malo), this is the Country of the rising sun as the best representative of the pancake gourmet, was launched. “When I arrived, nobody knew Brittany. The Japanese confused the same with the Burgundy, known for its wine!”

Now supported by another Breton, the son of peasants like himself, the billionaire François Pinault, Larcher account make sure to put the cap on the America

accordingly, the native of Fougeres (Ile-et-Vilaine) works to promote the gastronomy of his region. Its history please, the media follows. “The cake, it is our tradition. Without this culture behind me, I would not have been able to sustain my role model. And I am proud to have participated in the democratization of the French cuisine in Japan.” Sensitive to the approach locavore, the chef-entrepreneur works from local products.

Crêperie Breizh Café in Tokyo. BREIZH Restaurant

in The land of soba (noodles) and sobatcha (tea), buckwheat can be bought easily. “The number of customers in japanese is very demanding and very sensitive to seasons. It must always be put into question.” Larcher, who spends four months a year in Japan, offers many recipes are seasonal. It has opened fifteen restaurants in the different districts of Tokyo (Shinjuku, Omotesando, Ginza…), but also to Kawasaki, Nagoya or Kyoto. Nine still exist. “Every place has its identity and address to a specific customer base. But the decor is generally more traditional than in France, with Bigoudènes and folklore.”

Now supported by another Breton, the son of peasants like himself, the billionaire François Pinault, Larcher account make sure to put the cap on the America. “Crossing the Atlantic, it is a childhood dream”. An “American Dream” that he hopes to achieve in New York by 2020. Interested in the West Village, the crêpier is looking for a wheat flour black local, and take advantage of the popularity of gluten-free to succeed in its location in the Big Apple. “New York is a market that is anything but easy! We think of a place that brings together several experiences: restaurant, cocktail bar, grocery store…”

The financial resources involved are considerable, and the contributors, both French and japanese, many want to embark on the adventure. With other projects in france (Lyon) and european (Brussels, Geneva), Bertrand Larcher has another dream: to enter the buckwheat pancakes at the Unesco world heritage site. Like its cousin the pizza neapolitan.


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